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    I have all 4 allied ww2 planes in DCS, this is my first jerry/kraut plane.
    Of the 7 WW2 planes in the game, P51, P47, Spitfire, Mossie, Fw190A8, Fw190D9 and the Bf109k4.

    The 109 is the best of them, it showed up in fall 44 and really only the British Tempest could  tango with it in a fair fight, and there wasn’t many of those around. Luckly, massive allied advantage in planes and lack of german experienced pilots negated what could have been very bad. 1700+ made of this model so not the rarest of 109s at all, but far fewer than the 20k various  G models made.

    The 109k is superior to the Mustang and P47 in everything when it comes to dogfights, it can outfly, outclimb, and outturn both with ease. The mossie isn’t a dogfighter but can climb quite well, but still isn’t close to a real fighter. The spit has one advantage, it can outturn the 109k, not but a huge amount. But in a turn fight, what later fighter pilots would call a rate-fight, the spit will outturn the 109k, but the spit is not a climber, and it’s slow, realistically a 109k that got a spit behind it(and knew about it) could just outclimb it and fly away and the spit could not catch up.

    I haven’t flown this until today. And man this thing is a beast, It’s so easy to fly, I’ve flown quite a few dogfights in all the allied ww2 planes, and I feel like I’m fighting my own plane as much as the guy trying to shoot me.
    In the P47, the wing will dip if you look at it a bit hard, it’s a heavy heavy beast. The P51 can climb well, but if you try and do a turn a little too slow, the wing will dip so hard, that you’ll spend the next half minute trying to not hit the ground. And if you’re too low, well hello Mr ground. The Mossie is quite fast and stable, and can do a surprisingly good job(might be too good for history and might lose some of its prowess in later updates. ), And while the spit can just turn and turn, I do feel I’m fighting it, keeping it just at its edge and feeling I’m almost stalling, and of course it’s very slow, once you’ve lost speed, you’ll be hard-pressed getting it back, and only the fact you can keep turning at 150mph will save you.

    But in this 109k it’s so easy, this is the first dogfight in a warbird, I did not stall once, or even get to the edge of a stall, it just flew, I could do a nice turn at 500km/h, and if I got bored chasing the Mustang in a rate fight I could just throttle up and go vertical and actually by at 600kmh before I had gotten my nose up. If my speed fell down to 400kmh, I could throttle up and stay straight, and I’d be at 700kmh in no time. It really felt like cheating, Also not having to worry about the propeller RPM makes it easier to control too. And then you got the weapons.
    two 13mm cannons that are ok, not a superweapon, but then you got that 30mm in the nose. it’s a slow heavy, up close, and personal weapon. But it got a crapload of explosives so 1 hit is all you need most of the time. Gone is the frustration of peppering an enemy with .303 or even .50 cals.

    It’s an amazing plane, even tho it feels wrong flying for the baddies.


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