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    Harry FavershamHarry Faversham

    One of the Dynamic Dunderheads is trekking to the New Emporium by the Seaside this Thursday for a game of FFofL Up the Khyber!
    Despite several severe chastisements the Mad Mullah has been leading his warriors into the next valley looting, burning and adding to his growing collection of severed melons. An emissary, sent into the Bongo Valley with a bill for 20,000 Rupees for deprivations caused, sadly, added another melon to the pile. Consequently The 2nd. Malakand Field Force has deployed young Lieutenant Faversham’s patrol into the field to teach the Mad Mullah a short, sharp lesson!
    The Mad Mullah’s valley…

    Young Faversham leads his patrol into the Mad Mullah’s valley, mindful of his Colonels strict orders, to be covert. Strangely enough his wanderings are quickly gormed and the Mad Mullah drums up his henchmen…

    “When’s dinner, I’m Starving?”
    “It’s on it’s way dear, as we speak.”

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

    Harry FavershamHarry Faversham

    Lieutenant Faversham splits his patrol and begins the search for the Mad Mullah.

    It’s been implied in the past that calling my two bestest playmates, the Dynamic Dunderheads, is sour grapes for the many times, inexplicably, they’ve handed it to me on a plate. Nothing could be further from the truth. I call ’em this because they’re congenital idiots, read on…

    The two Gurhas are Riflemen and crack marksmen, a valuable force multiplayer, for any unit. So when two sword wielding natives charge out from a nearby compound the Gurkhas don’t shoot ’em. Oh no, they charge straight into close combat and both get chopped up!

    Luckily Tommy Atkins isn’t that daft and a brisk volley dispatches the maniacal swordsmen.

    Meanwhile young Faversham’s not been idle. His lads have searched the nearby building and dispatched a flag waving native while they were at it.

    Harry risks a dekko around the wall, not realising that a six foot square Colour, stands out like a blind cobbler’s thumb. He’s promptly dropped by a long range shot from the bridge.

    Harry’s not the brayniest of the Favershams to start with but his conk is the thickest. Even so Harry is down and out for a good hour. Lance Corporal Jones assumes command and advances the skirmish line to the Wadi. Where a brisk firefight breaks out.

    Well into the afternoon young Faversham comes to what passes for his senses and unseen, stealthily, outflanks the natives’s position. Seeing a giant Union Jack deep in his valley gets up the Mad Mullah’s nose a bit and he rushes up to the roof of his compound. He lets fly a shot at the hated symbol of Colonial oppression…

    Realising he’s been rumbled Harry leaps into action and proves both sides can potshot a flag.

    “Tally Ho!”

    Shouts young Faversham, but falls down the Wadi, as he tries to clear it with a mighty leap. Cackling triumphantly The Mad Mullah’s personal drum banger bloke leaps up and in for the kill…

    Harry’s pistol barks twice…

    The Mad Mullah’s really on one now and begins capering up and down…

    Frothing at the mouth and screaming death to the Infidels he charges.

    It’s a very one sided fight Harry’s only a lad, the Mad Mullah a Veteran of a hundred such encounters. It looks all up till a freak gust of wind entangles The Mad Mullah in the six foot square Colour!

    Harry’s pistol barks twice…

    Harry marches briskly back to the survivors of the patrol. Lance Corporal Jones throws up a thunderous salute…

    “You’ll get the VC for this day’s work Sir, I’ll wager.”

    Where the bleedin’ ‘ells he come from!!!???

    Gunga Din plays the Last Post for Lieutenant Faversham’s fallen Heroes…









    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

    Mr. Average

    Oof! A fistful of lead right up the Khyber!

    A great looking game! I envy your ability to paint those figures! I’m not brave enough to take on anything beyond 6mm scale, especially historical.

    Gone Fishing

    All most inspirational, and great to hear young Harry survived to fight yet another day. I especially enjoyed the smaller scale of the game –  while big Colonial scrums are loads of fun, of course, it’s nice sometimes to zoom in and get more personal. Thank you for posting!

    Harry FavershamHarry Faversham

    I envy your ability to paint those figures! I’m not brave enough to take on anything beyond 6mm scale, especially historical.

    Shurrup soft lad, bung some paint on ’em and see wot ‘appens.

    One bit of fatherly advice, don’t fall for the egg under the hat trick and paint yer favourite sowjers and bestest first…

    you’ll find that by the time you get to the, make up the numbers riff-raff, your skills have got so good that the main men look crap in comparison!!!

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"

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