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    Yeah, baby! I had the chance to get in another Five Men In Normandy game for my little solo campaign, featuring a group of Japanese soldiers dealing with the Russian invasion of Manchukuo in 1945. Every time I get a little better with the rules, and the game runs a little smoother. This time around the scenario was “Secure,” in which Our Heroes were tasked with first protecting and then removing a supply truck against the threat of local Chinese bandits. Daisuke was still recovering from his injury from the previous scenario, but Kamave, Itachi, and the other three guys were ready to go.

    I wish I could provide more game details, but I mostly just remember some highlights. Kamave went down from a lucky rifle shot after dispatching two of the bandits in melee; one of the guys tossed a couple of grenades that had some decent effect (the first time grenades have ever done anything in a game so far,) and at the end only Itachi and one of the guys was left when they managed to push the bandits far away enough from the truck that they could make a Task roll to complete the scenario. Itachi has a skill that lets him re-roll a failed Task roll, and that ability allowed a quick win once he was able to give it a try. The one thing that I really noticed was that despite both sodes having two submachine guns, they didn’t rule the battlefield the way they did in Scenario Two.

    The after-game campaign stuff is the most fun for me, and it did not disappoint this time. Everyone who was out of action survived, albeit with some recovery time (which proved quite a problem when I rolled the next scenario!) I rolled “Ambush” as a new skill, and I assigned to the submachine guy, who has now been identified as Zenjiro. Akinari, another soldier in the same battalion, was picked up as a new Contact. Extra rations were gained, presumably from the supply truck they had protected And finally, as a Player Action the group acquired a coveted machine gun, which was given to Daisuke with his Scoot And Shoot ability.

    I left some more open area this time when I set up the terrain, and unfortunately I didn’t make as many small scatter items as I had wanted. The game played very smoothly. I played this time while my wife was home, and she commented that she felt bad that I was playing against myself, but wasn’t feeling well enough yet to join me.

    After all the campaign results were determined, I went ahead and rolled up the next scenario. Another “Encounter,” but as a Side Mission instead of a Military Mission. Which was all well and good, until I rolled the Time Elapsed… it would take place immediately after this scenario, which meant four out of six group members would still be recovering, and it would be up to Daisuke and another guy to clear a Soviet machine gun postion from an intersection so that Akinari and his squad could get back to a resupply area.

    Daisuke and another guy. Against a machine gun emplacement. OH NOES!

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    Oh, noes!!

    Avatar photoMike

    With the next game being too soon, what are the campaign ramifications for just not doing it?
    Or waiting until the people were healed?

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    A lot of drama this time!

    I’d suggest making the next mission a stealth mission.

    2 guys sneaking up on an MG team sounds like a pretty fun ride ๐Ÿ™‚

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