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    Torben Kastbjerg

    So, this is my first real and proper post on this forum. I recently picked up Ivan Sorensens excellent little set of rules called FiveCore and the supplement Five Parsecs from Home on Wargame Vault. I read it through and halfway through it I could already feel ideas brimming inside of my head.

    On the surface, this set of rules seems to be just what me and my local buddy (Duncan) had been looking for, for a long time and before long I had rolled up a group of six characters (why start out small, eh?) for the game as pictured and described below:

    Characters are detailed from left-to-right

    T3-ODR ‘Theodore’
    Origin: Wartorn Hell Hole
    Motivation: Wealth
    Class: Soldier
    Special: Droid

    Salvik Desny
    Origin: Research Outpost
    Motivation: Power
    Class: Scientist
    Special: Cybernetic Enhancement, People Skills

    Haakon Asaldi
    Origin: Lower-Class Mega City
    Motivation: Loyalty
    Class: Unity Agent
    Special: Charisma

    Germain Aschen
    Origin: Subjugated Colony World
    Motivation: Escape
    Class: Traveller
    Special: Jump Belt

    Stephan del Castillo
    Origin: Wealthy Merchant Family
    Motivation: Freedom
    Class: Trouble Shooter
    Special: Brave, Tough

    Sylvain Bure
    Origin: Urban Hell Hole
    Motivation: Escape
    Class: Technician
    Special: Unhinged

    I had great fun thinking about why these guys got together (I rolled a Mutual Protection result for them) and I already have a couple of ideas, but they’ll have to wait until Duncan (my gaming buddy) and I get together tomorrow and have ourselves a game. I’m thinking that the campaign, for as long as we want to, should start out with our two groups coming to blows tomorrow and then we’ll take turns in playing the opposition for a bit and most likely meet up again.

    So, there’s most likely going to be a little update, with some pictures sometime tomorrow, cheers!


    Look forward to read your AAR’s.

    Ivan Sorensen

    Do keep us posted, and happy that you are enjoying the rules ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Ivan Sorensen

    Also….hvordan er det i Danmark i dag?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Why wait? I’ve been playing solo (using the suggestions in FiveCore) and am having a lot of fun. If nothing else its a great way to learn the rules before you play with your friend.


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