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    I have quite large Union & Rebel armies for the ACW that I have gamed with only once.

    I think a needed refurbishment is necessary before I start to prompt my pals into a few games (using Regimental F&F, I think).

    The flags carried by my figures are photocopied efforts from Warflag (free site) & look ordinary. What’s worse is the inaccurate models of plastic guns both side’s artillery units have.

    So: who stocks excellent 20 MM ACW flags?

    Who carries an accurate range of 20mm artillery pieces?



    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    My favourite flags are GMB.  They are little works of art.  Now, he doesn’t do 20mm flags but he will resize his flags for no extra charge, so all you have to do is order a 28mm flag , work out the hoist (or vertical width) of the flag in millimetres and he will do the rest: http://www.gmbdesigns.com/

    Alternatively, you could order 15mm flags and ask for them to be enlarged.  This would work out cheaper but I imagine you might lose some detail.

    Another good option is Maverick Models.  Again they don’t offer 20mm flags but they will resize for no extra charge, so I would opt for their 25mm flags and ask for them to be reduced: http://www.maverick-models.com/flags.htm

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    One source for guns is Musket Miniatures https://musketminiatures.biz/collections/ho-22mm-american-civil-war-brigadier-range-infantry

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