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    I have some latex rivers which I need to paint.
    Now I am not planning on flexing them much but even so, I am wondering about the paint/flock/scatter etc cracking and coming off.

    Suggestions to combat this?
    Does fabric paint work?

    Steve Johnson

    No idea I’m afraid Mike. I would suggest adding a bit of pva glue to the paint to give it some flexibility. Of course the only way to really tell is to paint/flock a small area and see how you get on.

    Geof Downton

    I have used Plasti-Dip rubber paint successfully, but the available colours are less than useful for this kind of thing, and they are outrageously expensive.

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    Steven Francis

    Sound flippant but latex paint….I have heard the term used for house paint so assume that means Dulux and the like have some latex content and some form of flexibility inherent compared to acrylic….but more just guessing than knowing

    Andrew Beasley

    Try Wilko samples pots.

    I was cleaning a palette (posh name for an old CD) the other day and noticed the paint peeled off like PVA off fingers. No idea of the age of the paint splat though.


    Steve Johnson

    Household paints for walls are vinyl based, with no latex as far as I know. However worth a try.

    Andrew Beasley

    My understanding is that ‘latex’ was originally a plant derived add-in used to bind the pigment to the carrier resin, that’s now been replaced by a bunch of chemicals and the difference in ’emulsion’ and ‘latex’ is only due to national historic naming either side of the Atlantic.

    You could always drop Dulux a message here but THE best guys for ‘odd paint’ advice (well for the house) were the kind folk at Zinsser (Tor Coatings) here – they are the only ones that sorted our brown wood stain bleedthrough in 15+ years of different paints.



    I use PVA glue mixed with acrylic matt medium, the matt medium matt’s down the shinny PVA glue and makes a flexible clear coat.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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