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    Alexander Wasberg

    I finally got around to finishing the first few pieces of the terrain needed for my alien world T77/4


    The group shot


    A better close-up of the local spherical fungi. These stalks can expel a cloud of spores and noxious (and highly toxic) gas when threatend. Since they are the most common plant in the area where Clarke and his companions intend to land, there are sure to be a creature of some sort that lives off these bright orange plants..



    Using sweet sap to lure in and dissolve it’s prey, these stalks are not too unlike some of the insectivorous plants on terra.. But they are quite a lot bigger!



    One of the few nutritious and non-toxic plants on T77/4, these spherical fruits are known as mega beets to the discovering research crews, due to their resemblance to the terrestrial beet.


    These are just the first few samples, as Clarke and his companions dwelve deeper into the data banks of the Cormorant, they are sure to find more interesting information..


    Another few shots are on the blog as usual:


    Thanks for looking!

    Angel Barracks

    That is some nice terrain you have there.
    Are there mechanics/rules did you say in the rules for plant attacks?

    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks Michael!


    I know there are rules for plant attacks in the Rogue Planet set of rules, Stroezie mentioned this when he showed off his alien jungle terrain.

    I haven’t decided on how to handle it as I’m using a different rule-set, but I will probably let the plants attack in some form as soon as I come up with a good house rule!

    Mr. Average

    I dig this a whole lot! In fact, I just picked up a few of the new mat board hex tiles from Oddział Osmy with the intention of using them for a one-off “Alien Planet” terrain set of similar nature. I’m looking in particular at fungoid forests, weird rock formations, and (with apologies to Sid Meier) floatstone fields.

    Your stuff is super-inspiring!

    Alexander Wasberg

    I’d love to see your take on a alien set, since I’m thinking of making one for my 3mm armies as well..

    Floatstone is great, if you could model it that would be awesome!

    Also thanks for the kind words!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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