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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    Hello, I would like to game “aerial” Fantasy (I know in the early 90s there was a boxed game by Grenadier with hex board and small lead dragons on flying bases) … writing my own rules (i have some ideas) but I can’t find suitable miniatures. Do you know if I can find small-sized dragons (think about a 1/300 or even 1/600 plane) in flying pose and in different variants? By the way did anybody already make this or is interested? Thank you!

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Not really my thing, but I think there were some dragons of that type in the “Dragon Lords” faction of the old Spartan Games’ game Uncharted Seas.

    Avatar photowarwell

    Sounds like Attack Wing (https://wizkids.com/attackwing/dnd-attack-wing/)

    Irregular Minis (http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/) does a 2mm flying Nazgul. No variation though.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Kallistra has flying dragons in its 12mm fantasy range, and they don’t seem terribly big for that scale. It’s just the one sculpt, though, and not a sculpt I’m much fond of myself (the wings look too small). There are also some sort of reptilian fliers listed under the orc army, they look better to my eye but I can’t tell whether they have any legs or not.

    I’ve had a similar idea for an “aerial dragon war” project in one of the smaller scales. I have a rough outline for a setting where dragons are the only intelligent “race” that yet exists. Other Tolkienesque / D&D-esque races would come into existence at some later point in the world’s timeline (and perhaps I would game those eras in other fantasy projects in other scales) but my “Dragon War” would be the first ever war in the history of that world, in an era when there are only dragons and the wilderness. I’m not happy with the current figure availability, however. It’s not a project I’m actively pursuing.


    Probably neither “serious” nor small enough for you (c. 2 inches), but if I were doing it, I’d likely go with something like these:


    They’re certainly cheap enough.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I forgot, the Pendraken Warband range has flying dragons listed under the Dragonmen army. Like the Kallistra ones, being 10mm/12mm they may be too big for your purposes, but obviously it depends on how big you picture dragons in 3mm/6mm to be. Unfortunately they have riders you’d have to remove. The posing of the legs also strikes me as a bit derpy.

    I wish fantasy aerial warfare in 3mm and/or 6mm was more of an established phenomenon in miniature wargaming, with a good range of commercially available dragons in flying poses. If I had the money I’d commission them myself (from Sandra Garrity if possible – I like the classic style dragons she has sculpted in the larger scales).

    Avatar photo6mmwargaming

    Reaper makes baby dragons which are a great size for 6mm. Search for

    dragon hatchling

    The plastic bones ones are not bad and better value


    My 6mm Wargaming site https://6mm.wargaming.info

    Avatar photoWouter Wolput

    World of Twilight has some models that may fit in. Here’s what I did with one for 15mm. The mushrooms may be too large but you don’t need to use the stand if you don’t want too. To give you a sense of scale, the base is 20mm.


    Avatar photoWouter Wolput

    Oh, and then there are the OP wyvern from Man-o-War that occasionaly pop up on second hand sites like eBay.

    I’d love to do aerial fantasy, with blimps, airships and monsters, one day, but I haven’t done anything like it yet.

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