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    Avatar photoJon Winczek


    In “Enduring freedom” book, SF units have often sniper in their fireteams (not confused with weapon team), ie:

    typical SF 4-man fireteam: leader with M4, grenadier with M203, Gunner with SAW and sniper with Mk11.

    What are the features of such sniper in such squad?
    Is he a DMR (designated marksman) or sniper related to snipers p.137 of rulebook. At p. 137 there are rules for sniper teams (weapon teams), and it is not clear what are the features of sniper within normal team (not weapon team)


    Avatar photomaggico

    For what I know the Mk11 is dedicated to DMR. Then I think that is not a sniper.

    Avatar photoJon Winczek

    Yes I considered that too, but in EF book in army lists it is written as sniper (not DMR). However you re right as Mk11 is rather a DMR weapon so it is wise to assume that as DMR.


    Avatar photoKrankenPz

    The sniper team bonus accounts for a high level of training and cohesion between a sniper/spotter pair IMO.  if a sniper is part of a normal team, I would be inclined to treat as a DMR only.

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