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    Hello all,

    Here is the list of the references of the figurines from my Forge of Doom 28 mm collection and three Rogue Miniatures references which go well with them and which exactly represent the characters from the 1982 film “Conan the Barbarian”.

    If you are interested, you only contact me and place an order by email, note that I have several copies of each reference …

    P&P indicated after simulation at the post office …


    Forge of Doom Reference: SC001 “Thulsa Doom” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC002 “Rexor” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC003 “Thorgrim”@ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC004 “Doom Warrior with Sword” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC005 “Doom warrior with ax” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC006 “Doom warrior with trident”@ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC008 “Snake Soldier with Sword” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC009 “Snake Soldier with Spear”@ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC010 “Snake soldier with ax”@ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC012 “Temple Guard with Sword” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC013 “Guard of the Temple with a long ax” @ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC014 “Temple Guard with Bow”@ £3.65

    Forge of Doom Reference: SC016 “Captain of the Serpent with sword” @ £3.65

    Rogue Miniatures Reference: TX10 “” Conan with sword “as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1982 film” @ £3.65

    Rogue Miniatures Reference: TX10 “Archery Subotai” as Gerry López in the 1982 film @ £3.65

    Rogue Miniatures Reference: TX10 “Valeria with saber” as Sandahl Bergman in the 1982 film @ £3.65

    Avatar photoMike

    Ooh, any pictures at all?

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    No, but there are many on the internet !

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    I found this picture of ‘prophet of doom’ looking very thulsa doom-ey

    Avatar photoMike

    I understand they were shut down due to IP theft?

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    FOD has big problems with the use of the name Conan, I think…

    Avatar photoMike

    FOD has big problems with the use of the name Conan, I think…

    I am curious how you are selling figures that are prevented from being sold by a cease and desist order.
    Even if you have several copies that you purchased before the cease and desist order was actioned and FOD were forced to stop selling the figures, the figures themself are now not allowed to be sold legally as they were not made legally.

    Avatar photoMike

    Acting on a tip off, I have checked your IP versus that of a banned member.
    You have returned despite your old account being locked, I have deleted your account and locked this topic.

    EDIT: I have received what I consider to be pretty solid proof that these are recasts, also not cool.
    Please do not come back to TWW.

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