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    Although I’ve put this link in another thread, I thought it might be a good idea to put it here under a separate title.  Free stuff is always nice!

    The two professionally published PDFs give everything you will need to fight classical ancient naval battles. The downloads include the rules, quick play sheets, and a sheet of ship plan playing counters – all in colour. All you will need to provide (after printing) are some dice (D4 through D12), a tape measure and a flat empty playing surface. Plastic card sleeves, to put your home made ‘game cards’ in, are very helpful but certainly not essential.

    I hope you enjoy them.



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    Top man, thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks James

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    Technically, it’s WI and Piquet Inc. that are sharing it. I just developed and wrote it.

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    Well you shared the news here and that is what matters to me!


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    Many thanks for the link James, really like your collection of Roman/Carthaginian ships,  I’ve been gathering these Xyston 1:600 scale ships bit by bit for a couple of years and , like most things will get around to having enough for a game one day! They are fab models, very detailed, maybe a bit pricy but worth it.
    The inspiration originally came from reading (I think) Don Featherstones  book ‘Naval Wargames’, he used this scale had rules and black and white photographs inside which looked great rowing round various home made islands bashing into each other! I like the scale, you can pick them up without needing tweezers and look good.

    Phoenician Quinqueremes.

    Phoenician Triremes.

    Phoenician Triremes.

    Greek Triremes

    Greek Triremes

    The decking has to be ink lined in for the planking so that’s a bit fiddly. Could do with about twenty per side, so a few to go!

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    Twenty a side sounds about right for a good evenings gaming. Nice models you have there and they’ll look the business.

    I agree about the price. I’ve been rather lucky in that I picked up my first few dozen on a BOGOF with a fat 50% discount  on top. At the time I think that made them £1.25 each. Since then I’ve picked them up at shows and on ebay. Wargames Illustrated chipped in with a dozen painted triremes for a photo shoot for a Peloponesian War at my place a couple of years ago. Now, all told, I have about 100 of the little bleeders but a few more with fives with corvus wouldn’t go amiss.

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    Brilliant, James, thank you!

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    Thanks for the link! Maybe this is the excuse I need to finally paint all those ships on my shelf.

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