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    I had planned on expanding my French units to I’d end up with a brigade of 60, which would be nice and impressive. But I’m not very tidy and have misplaced quite a lot of my Crann tara French cavalry. I’m missing 9 in fact to finish the last two regiments. So the brigade became a humble 36 instead.
    Regiments, Mestre de camp Général, Cuirassiers du Roy and Talleyrand.
    It’s led by Antoine Chrétien de Nicolaï, who really led a division of infantry at Minden, but so far my French army isn’t big enough to require a divisional leader. So until a second French infantry brigade is done, he’ll lead my cavalry.
    All these are Minden miniatures with Maverick cloth flags.
    Except for the Antoine Chrétien de Nicolaï figure who is really a Montclam figure from Crann Tara.

    Talleyrand is the lastest complated regiment, it had stood at 6 painted for like a year or more.


    Very nice, you have probably already said so forgive me if so, but what are the backdrops?
    Are they model train ones?


    It’s a picture I downloaded.

    I take the picture with just a plain brown cardboard background.  Then digitally remove the brown in a photo editor.

    I find most of my backgrounds here.



    Cheers dude!


    Not my period, but they are very pretty soldiers.  Well done.

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    Excellent as always,  Truls. I’m drooling. 😅

    Steve Johnson

    Lovely work again and nice to know how you do the backgrounds.


    An excellent display of well painted soldiery, thanks for sharing.






    Thanks guys.

    Jemima Fawr

    Gorgeous stuff yet again!

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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