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    Hi I had an old broken toy castle I found in the attack, I was thinking how I could use those cool battalements on my table for maybe a sea defence or something I have not decided, I dont know if i will finish or not or how long it will take.

    I have started by filling out the empty spaces with poly prior to filling


    or I have given the filler ago, and it was messy , who said i was a modler

    Geof DowntonGeof Downton

    See! You’re an addict now!

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    I dont know what Im doing, Im looking at rubbish and thinking scatter terrain 🙂

    sanding did not go well, Im not sure how well the filler bonded to the plastic, I got some chipping off, so I have PVA ed it, I think if would make a good old motor and dusty looking wall of the 1700s, the only white paint I have is wall paint emultion, but Im planning on drowning out the castle brick detail anyway, then I will pva over it again. I dont see this turning out well

    Ive managed to find 2 boards that measure 4ft, thats the size of my table, but I may not do the two.

    Jacob Stauttener

    That is really cool!

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    thx Jacob

    glues it down, but only pva, and forgot to glue towers together when i realised i was in mid glue , so pvaed everything, later they will be filer and glue so not worried

    its going to be a sea wall, I made the two so you can use either or both


    ok the glue was falling apart on the poly because it burned it, Im hoping the filler and a coat of pva will hold it together, the filler was so messy. Im in a mess if i get a model out of this im lucky

    so far £3 in filler £1 plastic sheet, wood free, castle free

    Im not going to buy anything, so just white emulsion Im going to try and splice with acrylics .

    I took on a big messy job with no paint here,

    now The filler globulated all over, I am hopeing I can be creative with the painting



    This looks like it’s a huge project.

    You might like this for ideas.

    Tired is enough.


    I should of watched them first, Im not really any good at this but I will do my best

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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