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    I’m offering for sale a number of hard cover books on pre-dreadnaught and WWI naval subjects, and some on the age of Imperialism. Books are used and somewhat shelf-worn, especially the dust jackets, but bindings are sound, pages are intact and readable. There are some rarities here. In addition, if you buy two of the hardbacks, then please take ABSOLUTELY FREE while they last one of the titles from the list of moldy paperbacks that follows below. The paperbacks are, frankly, decrepit, but I estimate that they’re good for at least one more read apiece, before they disintegrate into piles of acidified pulp paper chips.

    Postage will be $3 per volume, media rate, to domestic US addresses. The paperbacks ship free. I don’t recommend shipping outside of the US, but if you want to pay the outrageous postage cost for this, let me know.

    I prefer payment by check or MO. I can accept Paypal, Friends & Family only, please.

    $10 Sanford Sternlicht McKinley’s Bulldog, The Battleship Oregon, c.1977 Nelson-Hall, 139 pp, illustrated..Narrative history of USS Oregon, one of the US Navy’s first true battleships, victor of the battle of Santiago.

    $10 Peter Smith Hard Lying, The Birth of the Destroyer 1893-1913, c.1971 Naval Institute Press, 176 pp, illustrated. Narrative history of the development of destroyers in the Royal Navy.

    001 by zippyfusenet[/url]

    $10 Don Everitt The K Boats, A Dramatic First Report On The World’s Most Calamitous Submarines, c. 1963 Holt Rinehart Winston,206 pp, illustrated. Victorian science-fiction in real life. Narrative history of the Royal Navy’s poorly conceived steam-powered K class submarines. “Too many damn holes!” The story would be comic, if not for all the sailors who submerged in them, and never surfaced again alive. Also covers the M class boats, developments of the K class armed with 12-inch guns. I’m not making this up.

    $10 Daniel Horn The German Naval Mutinies of World War I, c.1969, Rutgers University, 346 pp. A political-social history of the mutinies.

    002 by zippyfusenet[/url]

    $10 Anthony Preston Battleships of World War I, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Battleships of all Nations 1914-1918, c.1972 Galahad, 260 pp, oversize, heavily illustrated. What it says: profile and plan drawings, photographs, design and service career notes for every class of battleships serving every belligerent power.

    $10 Viscount Hyde ed. The Naval Annual 1913, reprinted 1970 Arco, 520 pp, illustrated. Chapters offer a detailed look at many aspects of especially the Royal Navy and other major naval powers on the eve of the Great War.

    003 by zippyfusenet[/url]

    $5 Sir Edward Creasy The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World From Marathon to Waterloo, c. 1918 Harper & Brothers, 534 pp. I know the Kings of England, and I quote the fights historical,
    Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical; A classic of Eurocentric popular military history and a true artifact of the Victorian Age. This 1918 update of the 1851 original includes nine further Decisive Battles from Quebec to The Marne. It’s in great shape for a book that’s nearly 100 years old, binding and pages all intact and readable.

    $5 Peter Fleming Bayonets to Lhasa, The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904, c. 1961 Harper & Brothers, 318 pp, illustrated. A narrative history of the Younghusband expedition.

    001 by zippyfusenet[/url]

    Moldy paperbacks:

    Theodore Roosevelt The Rough Riders. C. 1899, reprinted 1961.Teddy’s memoir of service in the Span-Am War.

    Frank Freidel The Splendid Little War. C. 1958, Narrative history of the Span-Am War.

    Richard Hough The Fleet That Had To Die, c.1958. Narrative history of the Russian Baltic fleet’s epic around-the-world voyage to doom at the battle of Tsushima.

    007 by zippyfusenet[/url]

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