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    Darryl Smith

    Terms: Selling as collections in order to make space. US buyers only due to shipping costs. PayPal preferred. Prices include shipping! Most items are in very good order, some were purchased from others and quality can vary, but with these prices you should be pleased with what you receive as they are at least 50% off of current retail value. PM or email preds81.ds at gmail

    Seven Years War – $75.00
    Uniforms of the Seven Years War V.I (1987)
    Uniforms of the Seven Years War V.II (1987)
    Uniforms of the Seven Years War V.III (1989)
    Koenig Krieg (beat up copy no date)
    Koenig Krieg (nice copy no date)
    Basic Guide SYW 3 The Austrians (1988)
    Basic Guide SYW 5 The Swedish (1989)
    Swedish Army in Pomerania (1983)
    Uniforms of Swedish and German States Infantry (1978)
    Uniforms of Swedish and German States Cavalry (1979)
    Frederick the Great (rules) (1977)
    Rules for Wargames 18th Century Warfare (1980)

    Universal Rules – $60.00
    Palo Alto to Peking (1987)
    Two Hundred Years 1700-1900 (1988)
    Army Lists for Two Hundred Years (1988)
    Fire and Steel (1996)
    The Universal Soldier (two copies 1997)
    Volley and Bayonet (1994)
    Beer and Pretzels Skirmish (1997)
    Fields of Honor (1994)
    Davey Jones Locker (1991)

    Napoleonic – $75.00
    Navwar Naval Wargame Rules for the Napoleonic Wars (1975)
    Sharp Practice (2008)
    Champs de Mars 1806 (2008)
    1808 The Last Summer (2009)
    1808 The Turning Tide (2010)
    The Persian Army (no date)
    Brunswick Troops Osprey (2010)
    1805 A Year at War (1993)
    Age of Eagles (2005)

    Cold War/Modern – $75.00
    Cold War: 1983 (2005)
    Modern Africa Scenario Book 3 (no date)
    SOF Warrior (2007)
    Fate of a Nation FOW (2013)
    Tropic Lightning FOW (2011)
    Clash of Sabres ((two copies no date)
    Men of Company B (1998)
    Twilight 2000 Small Arms Guide (1988)
    The Long Road South (2007)
    Battlefield Evolution (2007)
    Falklands and Somalia Supplement (2007)

    Texas/Mexican-American War – $35.00
    Campaign Booklet 1 The Texas War of Independence and the U.S.-Mexican War (1985)
    Red Flag at Sunrise (no date)
    Bloody Dawn (no date)
    Eagle’s Prey (2010)
    Brave Men, Badly Led (2009)
    Santa Anna Rules (1998)

    Sci-Fi – $25.00
    The Regency Sourcebook Traveller (1995)
    Star Corps (1992)
    Star Corps Companion (1993)

    Ancient/Dark Age/Medieval – $40.00
    Greek Naval Warfare (no date)
    Corvus (two copies 2006)
    King David (2004)
    As Told in the Great Hall (Guide to Dark Age Britain) (2013)
    Usborne Cut Out Viking Settlement (2009)
    The Samogitians, The Sword Brothers, and the Battle of Saule 1236 (2005)
    Wargaming the 13th Century Baltic Crusades (1984)

    19th Century South American – $35.00
    Wargaming the Paraguayan War (2010)
    The Pacific War (1993)
    To the Last Cartridge V.I (2007)
    To the Last Cartridge V.II (2007)

    Fantasy – $20.00
    Battlesystem (1991)
    BattleLust (1992)

    Buckeye Six Actual

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