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    Alan Millicheap

    I’m a big fan of the Galaxy’s Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. I’ve just put together the Legion on Kublar from the 1st book.

    The figures are Brigade Models’ Pac-Feds and were painted by Richard Phillips at Fieldway Scenics. The combat sleds are by Scotia-Grendel.

    I’m currently sorting out FWC stats so we can have our first game

    There’s more on my blog

    The Legion

    The Legion


    Can’t say I’ve ever read or familiar with Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve never really gone for reading scfi books. Scfi gaming, yes, scfi  films but not scfi books so much. However, looking at it in from the link the book seems to delivery a good backstory for any scfi game.

    Future War Commander is something else which has always been on my list to try, but never have. Interested to see how you get on.


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    Similarly, I’m not familiar with the source material – but that looks like a really good force – loving the sniper bases…just to say, if you’re still looking for mortar vehicles, have you considered Scotia’s SF7 Hover Vehicle – I used this many moons ago to mount weapons in for a Dr Who Sontaran unit – can be seen here on my long- defunct Blog:





    Those bases are excellent.

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!

    Darkest Star Games

    That’s a good looking force!  I too like the bases, and how some of the troops are sort of in an echelon/V.  Has a very nice effect.  Guess I have another series I need to start to read, thanks!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Very impressive.

    I would be interested to know what rules give a distinct Sci-Fi play as opposed to just being the next war after WWII/III with more advanced looking technology.

    Alan Millicheap

    Thanks all

    The basing is a coat of Wilko Earthy Hue, play pit sand mixed with Javis granite stuck and finally 3 different shades of Busch foliage

    good point. I’m not sure if there is a set. FWC & Gruntz work for me. I get the flavour of the period from the figures, the terrain and the scenario brief

    – yes i’ve got a couple of those. However I would prefer these from Scotia if they just had flat beds.The GM T7010 is my favourite so I might just a file and smooth down the back

    SF0086 – Ford XT 2000 Light Truck

    SF0089 – GM T7010 2000 Medium Truck

    SF0092 – Scammell T15010 2000 Heavy Truck

    Alexander Wasberg

    A good looking force and a great series to base it on. Do you have a good lead on minis for the locals? KTF Leej 🙂

    Alan Millicheap


    I have a generic “native” force using Irregular miniatures’ Alien Infantry – Not-Jawas – codes NSF11 & NSF12. there’s no way I’m painting throat sacs on them 🙂


    Alexander Wasberg

    They look good enough I think, some creative licence is often warranted. Shame about no throat sacks though 🙂

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