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    Nic Wright

    This weekend, an ancients version of 15mm <i>Galleys & Galleons</i> got another run out at an Italian games convention, this time Ludica Marche in Tolentino. The photos of those games (above) give a good idea of what can be achieved with a bit love and time.

    Meanwhile in Ireland…

    We also had the ancient war galleys out for <i>Galleys & Galleons</i>, albeit much smaller (1/1200) ones. 400 points worth of painted ships in the service of Rome were escorting two merchant ships filled with denarii for the Roman army campaigning in Sicily. The 450 points worth of grey ships in the service of Carthage were attempting to intercept the payment before it reached the hands of the near-mutinous maniples. It was a pretty fast and brutal affair with Carthage sinking one merchant and the other sailing off the board, but not through the required exit zone, thus ensuring a Punic victory.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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