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    Last night Andy and me met up for a 18th century game.

    Second week at Lee Mill, some where in Europe 1740-ish the Duke of plymeton Andrew the 7th has sent his forces across the plains of Dartmoor and they have engaged the forces of Duke William Tiberius the 3rd on the plains of Lee Mill.

    We played using “The Wargame” rules by Charles Grant, just halved the die score as we were using 24 man infantry battalions.

    The duke Andrew receiving capture colours.colours


    My Scottish infantry in action. Running away it seems.cav

    Duke Andrews grenadiers.





    Avatar photowillz

    Not the best post I still have not perfected the use of the forum tools, “doo”

    Duke Andy won the battle.  We game in a skittle alley so no natural light, I have not got the correct setting on my camera yet.

    I have posted a longer report on this web site http://societyofgentlemengamers.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=9346




    Avatar photoTassie Wargamer

    It looks like it was a splendid and fun game.

    My Blog: http://wargamespavilion.wordpress.com/

    Avatar photoGraham Cummings


    nice looking game. Looking forward to seeing more.


    Avatar photowillz

    Graham and Tassle thanks for your kind comments, yes it was a fun game Andy and me are just getting our minds around SYW rules (we have played far to much WW2 and need a break).  The early war-game rules a great fun.  Hopefully we will get a game in next week.

    Avatar photoSparker

    Yes thanks for posting mate!

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

    Avatar photowillz

    Stop press, game at the Mill cancelled this week.

    Due to an assassination attempt by the cowardly Prince of Plymeton during King William Tiberius Agustas III army review.


    Yes this horrific attempt on the kings life happened this morning while the King was reviewing his troops for an up coming campaign against Prince Andrew of Plymeton forces.  Luckily a quick witted ensign spotted the would be assassin and shot him between the eyeballs before he could carry out his vile deed.  The King is safe and has dispatched a strong force to teach the vile perpetrator of this evil deed a lesson.

    The king reviewing his cavalry with an ADC leading the cheer.


    Inspecting the artillery park.a3



    Reviewing infantry.



    More photo’s of the review can be found over on this web site in the barracks section.



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