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    Avatar photoMike

    It is clear from some of the pictures posted on here that some people have some really nice gaming areas, rooms even!!

    Where do you play your games, and would you care to show and tell?



    Avatar photoShandy

    We play in our living room on a small (4×3) dining table. Everything has to be removed after play. That’s why I went 15mm, with distances scaled down by one third we can get decent sized games. Also, things are easier to store as storage is also limited in our small city apartment. Oh, and I also paint on this table, which is why my table edge has acquired some colorful marks 🙂 On the other hand, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and prefer to work in the same room as she – I guess I wouldn’t use a dedicated workshop much.

    Avatar photoSteve Burt

    I have a dedicated games room, big enough for a 8’x6′ table, although most of the time I use a 6×4 table.

    Figures and books are in shelf units along the side of the room, scenery in a cupboard in the corner, WW2 vehicles occupy their own cabinet.

    Avatar photoStriker

    I play in the finished (more like work in progress) side of the basement.  I have 2 2.5×8 conference tables but am going to start using the custom 5×8 table a friend built for me.  It folds in the middle on a piano hinge.  It has side walls to stop errant dice and 4 handy little boxes that hang on those walls in which to put thinks like drinks, dice, minis, etc.  I put a grid system on it, not the neatest, but it helps with things like hidden placement and games with subs/cloaked stuff. If I can make some room I may pull it out and see how it fits.

    Avatar photoPaul

    Kitchen table at the moment (3ft x 4ft) which is a pain with a 3 year old son and 2 cats. Will be starting to convert my garage next week into a dedicated war room and modeling space. I will be able to fit a 9×5 table there and a workstation but, like Shandy, I prefer to work where my wife is, so most painting will still be done in the living room.

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    Avatar photoFrog

    No gaming in my home due to the presence of too many curious furry critters (including the one used for my avatar) that want to “help.”


    First weekend of every month I drive 35 miles to the FLGS, where table space is limited to 4′ x 6′.


    Second weekend of the month it’s an @50 mile drive to a community hall-type building where table space up to 8′ x 20′ can be had by prior arrangement.


    Also get in the occasional games in a friend’s garage plus 2-6  (depending on how many I attend) local cons per year.

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    Avatar photoStriker

    My attempt at getting pics out.  The star map is a 4×6 Hotz mat and if you spot the big 6 legged thing in the corner, that’s the kid’s latest addiction, Star Wars Clone Wars action figures and their various vehicles.  It’s tempting to start running games in that scale, they’re about 3.75″ tall.

    my table">my table

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    I recently converted my loft to a gaming room, it can fit my painting desk, PC, several bookcases, tons of storage and sofa an chairs plus a 6×4 table, the Mrs even has a corner for her craft projects, its not quite finished yet, got the ceiling to finish off, but im really happy up here, out of the way of the kids and great light for painting thanks to the window, years of dreaming of a decent gaming room finally come true, i’ll post some pics when I can get  round to it, busy with the Perry miniatures WOTR plastics ive just been suckered into buying!

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    Avatar photoHenry Hyde

    I’ve got a T-shaped loft conversion that serves as both my design studio and wargames/painting room. My one regret is that we didn’t splash out a bit more to get dormers done, because it means that there’s no spare wall space for extra shelves! The table is a permanent 8 feet x 6 feet, extendable with extra flaps to create 12 feet x 6, but there are two problems with this: firstly, it’s almost impossible to get around the table; and secondly, the chap who built the table for me used monstrously over-thick MDF for the top, which means the table is already too heavy really and I don’t want to end up in the lounge downstairs! In this pic, you can see I’ve just set up a 6 x 4 on the end for one of my photo sessions (hence all the anglepoises…)

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    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I upgraded my workshop about three years ago with a site office which is now split workshop 50%, wargames 40%, daughters returned home from university  junk 10%. I had a 6 x 4 table set up since moving in but it was always covered in Frontline stuff until about a year ago. I now have it set up for solo games mainly to playtest new rule sets.

    Avatar photoGaz045

    I was lucky enough to get a portacabin/site office for my ‘bunker’…..at the moment it contains 95% of my ‘stuff’ and library whilst I sort out storage and shelves…..this has been going on for about a 12 months ( real world stuff) and of course I keep buying more shiny stuff and have filled my 8×4 table with goodies…some stacked in crates on top too…….get the summer out of the way and I’ll get stuck in…maybe….

    Painting is done in the ‘computer room’ a small box room with no outside light -not the best , and the kitchen table……no painting/building in the lounge after super gluing a model part  to the sofa……..it did come off eventually……

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