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    A while back I saw the Lego Jungle range and I got all excited about it.

    There is a little bit of me that wants to buy it all and game some jungle / pulp / treasure hunter games.

    Do any of you ‘game’ with Lego?



    I repeatedly think about it.  But I am strong and I will not stray from the One True Scale.


    My son,7, has some Lego Star Wars that we have ‘airline’s with….simple d6 rules and even some space fighter stuff too.

    I recall seeing a DBA game with Playmobil figures on clear bases on the web….in someone’s back garden iirc!

    I was quite taken with it but it was cost prohibitive at the time although it seems cheaper to buy here in mainland Europe…..

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    I have thought about it many times. With manufacturers like BrickArms and many others making all manner of stuff. Rifles, pistols, MG’s, RPG’s, hand grenades, riot Shields, helmets, vests. Just about anything you can think of for customising a minfigure. It would very easy to build game. WW2, horse and musket, pirates, sci-fi, ancients, fantasy, cops and robbers, zombies, oh the list goes on.

    With the huge range of accessories and choice for  minfigures. I could quite easy put together a Starport Scum game in lego.

    But like with anything, I haven’t finished my 6mm stuff yet. I’ve got an itch for fantasy and gaslands.

    I think what inspired me on Lego was the many stop motion movies on YouTube. Some very clever stuff.

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    I think there’s actually a set of rules for gaming with Lego, isn’t there? One of those things you could do if you had oodles of money to burn!

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    ‘Proper’ figures are cheaper!

    The ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ would be stretched to breaking point for me.

    I used ‘Betta Bilda’, the Airfix alternative as a child. Often characterised as ‘cheap’ or ‘imitation’ Lego – in my opinion it was the superior product – the bricks were smaller, more realistic and you could build pitched roofs and there were castle accessories. It seemed a better match for 1/72 figs as well. Plus Lego was a pacifist outfit when I was a child so no attempt to make or accommodate warlike modelling.

    I never grew the attachment to Lego – so no nostalgic urges with me. I’d rather spend the money on ‘proper’ models. (Old misery guts!).

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    Over the years we have extensively used lego for gaming, though I don’t think any of my friends have bought sets purposefully for gaming.  I have also played both the mecha and spaceship lego games that came out via kickstarter (or was it indiegogo?) and they were pretty cool.  Combined we have a HUGE pile of bricks and whatnot, and have built some pretty incredible gaming tables with them and I reeeeeally wish I had pix of them!  My favorite was a FUture SWAT game we did that ranged all across a 5×8 table, including into buildings and sewer tunnels, it was epic!

    IMO, if you have them, use them!

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    Clone Wars, yes.




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