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    Jemima Fawr

    While working on a scenario for the Battle of Neumarkt (1809 Danube Campaign) I was looking for some portraits of the various generals involved and came across some models of the French light cavalry General Jacob Francois Marulaz in a very flashy and unusual hussar uniform (being a white dolman and breeches with red cuffs, chestnut-brown pelisse, black colpack with red bag and white egret & ostrich feather plumes, red & gold barrel-sash, all heavily laced and frogged with gold, plus the crimson sash of the Legion d’Honneur).

    There are a few different models of Marulaz wearing this uniform (such as this one: http://www.egminiaturas.com/Disponibles/Napoleonico/GeneralMarulaz.html ), but I can’t find any portraits or text references to it.  It also doesn’t conform to any regimental dress that I’m aware of.

    Now as it happens, I have a spare Murat figure from Sho Boki’s excellent pack of Murats that would fit the bill perfectly.  I already have enough Murats, so a Marulaz in this uniform would be a nice addition to the collection, but I would like to know some more about this uniform.  Does anyone know anything?

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    Watching this thread because I too am curious.


    The liked image looks more like the “gris argentin” (silver gray) of the 3e hussards, not white.

    However, going on the assumption of “white”, it was rather common among the hussar officers to have breeches and a dolman made up for summer out of white “nankin” material.
    Usually the nankin outfit was worn when in caserne or with the regiment off-duty.

    THe “chestnut-brown pelisse” is more problemmatic : that was the very proudly worn color for the 2e hussards. I would have thought green for Marulaz.

    It appears Marulaz himself allowed his officers great variety in uniforms :

    Other “atypical” use of white by hussards :
    — stable pants of white or light natural canvas, also some times summer stable jackets
    — white veste and breeches for tenue-de-gala (often with white stockings, epée, chapeau, shoes & habit or frac à la chasseur)
    The Marulaz himself en habit de chassuer – this is most likely when he was a colonel (note powdered hair)

    The colonel Marulaz, in regulation uniform (Consulate era):

    The général de division Marulaz, in regulation uniform (Restoration era):

    As a general of chasseurs in 1809, I would have thought to depict Marulaz something like his fellow general of chasseurs, Durosnel :

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    Jemima Fawr

    Cheers Alexandre!  Superb information, as always!

    Yes, the painting is very silver-grey, but I assumed that this was just ‘shading’, given that the gloves and egret/ostritch plumes are all the same colour.  Other toy soldier figures of the same subject show white (with a black fur edge to the pelisse, instead of dark brown).

    It certainly is a mystery and the lack of Marulaz’ customary moustache bothers me.  I suspect that a modeller or toy soldier-maker somewhere along the line has made a mistake (or simply made stuff up) that has then been repeated by others.

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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