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    General Etienne-Marie-Antoine Champion de Nansouty to recount his full noble birth name, was in 1805 in command of the ‘1st Division’ of Cuirassiers and Carabiniers of Cavalry Reserve.

    There is scant detail in any of the major works I’ve been able to consult on his ADCs. The only name I have is ‘Capt Thiezy’. Surely there were others.

    I’m stuck with incorrectly dressed figures, as I have two ‘gifted’ old school Hinchliffe that bear the sash/ cordon of the GALH that was not proferred until 1807. Nevertheless I’ll make use of one for him as they are both painted in oils. My ‘army’ that includes this division will modestly extend to the last campaign of 1807, which is a sort of vindication.

    Thanks for any help, davew

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