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    German colonial – River boat Supplies game pt 2

    Quick thought up game, kind of spur of the moment on the night, we thought lets do a German Colonial game with a river boat, supplies lines on either side of the river shore.

    The river boat was given 16 points with the Victorian Steel rules, they would give fire support to each side of the river, on board they had a artillery gun and one machine gun, the idea was to get the supplies to the end of the 18ft table.

    Each side was supported by Sudanese infantry that was under control of the German command, the attackers were a random dice roll of Askaris supported by African shield, we also threw in a tribe with bows,although not a powerful unit they did cause a big problem in that once they hit on a dice 6 (6 needed to hit) they would again roll to see if the arrow was poisoned a 4,5,6 was rolled and the normal push back rule need not apply.

    Great game great fun, the boat just made it to the end of the river with 4 points while the German left got a good bashing with the normal ambush rule, the right side did manage to get some supplies to the depot but with heavy casualties.

    More photos on the website at http://www.victorian-steel.com/ enjoy and happy wargaming.

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