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    Norm S

    Germantown by GMT (boardgame)

    I have put up a post on my blog that looks at some of the mechanics of the game, in part via an AAR.


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    looks good, thanks for sharing.  I have never looked closely at any AWI board games before, this is interesting.


    Brendan Morrissey

    Very interesting write up – sounds like you had a good first game with this, which is often indicative of how good the system itself is.  I haven’t bought an AWI boardgame since the SPI “Monmouth” many (many!!!) years ago, but I do have all the Oldenburg Grenadiers games (remember those?) which are both fun to play and informative.  I might look at adding this to my Xmas/birthday present list that my wife is always nagging me to provide her with.

    Norm S

    Thank you. GMT are about to reprint the first three games in a single package (called a tri-pack). This will be dearer than Germantown on its own, but overall if it within budget, may give the bigger bang for buck. Google GMT P500 and then click on the game box cover if interested.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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