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    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Hey all, after a good 6 years away from 20mm as my scale for WWII, I have felt the irresistible pull back to The One True Scale. What new companies are out there selling 20mm WWII infantry? Or older ones I have forgotten? Here’s who I know of so far, with a few comments if I have any:

    AB miniatures, available in the US via Eureka Miniatures USA (I have just ordered a platoon’s worth of British airborne from them)

    Stonewall Miniatures—I loved these sculpts as a kid and am planning on ordering more soon

    Platoon 20—I have some of their Vietnam stuff, especially some obscure weapon types and the ONLY prone M-60 team in 20mm that I know of!

    Britannia—have tons of their Vietnam stuff, and used to have plenty of their WWII

    Kelly’s Heroes—I’ve never had these or seen them in the pewter. The variety of poses and thoroughness of the ranges bodes well.How do they paint up?

    Early War Miniatures—lovely vehicles, haven’t looked through their infantry yet

    Xan Miniatures

    Elhiem—nice clean sculpts


    Newline Designs—I love their colonials and might try their Soviets


    FAA Miniatures—classic 20mm stuff, seems that at least some is back in stock

    Note 1: If you know some 20mm resin terrain suppliers, other than Hovel, Britannia, and Scenic Effects (not really resin, but okay), please share too.

    Avatar photoBlackhat

    I have a lot of the SHQ BEF figures and a load of their vehicles which I really like.

    Also, Frontline Wargaming is good for cheap resin trucks, etc that just need the wheels adding so a lot less fiddly than proper kits.


    Avatar photoCP Models

    While not new we have a reasonable range of 20mm WWII at CP models.

    Avatar photoian pillay

    Tumbling Dice have a small range of WWII miniatures.

    Tally-Ho! Check out my blog at…..

    Avatar photoFredd Bloggs

    Plastic soldier company, simple kits.


    Avatar photoIain Fuller

    You’ve already mentioned AB’s and I’d stick with them – I play CoC and the fact that you can buy them in sections gives your whole platoons individual figures throughout.

    Having said that I do have a few other manufacturers in my collection and would highly recommend these http://www.battlefieldminiatures.co.uk/, a bit different in style to AB but very nice.

    I would also say that Xan’s lovely stuff works well with AB (have some of his old Warmodelling kit too). I have a few PSC metals and Adler 20’s too and they are also nice.

    Sorry but the Grubby/Kelly’s Heroes, SHQ and CP’s that I have don’t really do it for me and have all been relegated to the reserves!

    Avatar photodeephorse

    I have Battlefield’s early war French and B.E.F. figures and think they are excellent.  I looked at EWM and SHQ for their  early war figure ranges but Battlefield looked by far the best.

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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Italeri, Plastic Soldier Company, Armorfast and Pegasus all do well priced plastic FAST BUILD vehicle kits. PSC also do plastic 1/72 infantry. These are all hard plastic suppliers.

    For buildings, Conflix do some interesing pre-painted resins.

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