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    Mr. Average

    So I realised recently that my workspace had gradually been reduced to about three square inches by my slovenly habits of organization.  So I decided to use my recent games budget for some of those nice-looking flat pack organizing furniture (what else to call them?) from Gamecraft Miniatures.  And although I neglected to take a “Before” picture, those who’ve seen any of my photos can infer the level of prior disarray from the background.  Not only could I not find anything, I was accumulating debris and dust, and destroying my brushes by not keeping them upright and clean.  Some of my models were also accumulating unplanned battle damage – suffice it to say, it wasn’t working out.

    This is the “after:”

    WAY better.  And I have to say the Gamecraft pieces are all super clean, and go together exceptionally easily and sturdily with just some wood glue.  I strongly recommend them.  The jig in lower left, especially, is wonderful, and fits 2 1/2″ roofing nails beautifully, which make great painting stands for 3mm scale tanks.


    Very cool…  My painting desk is a mess.

    Mr. Average

    I know what you mean.  I resisted for the longest time.  But it’s worth it.

    Norm S

    It will of course return to a more ‘natural’ state soon?

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    Mr. Average

    Well, entropy being what it is, maybe.  But it does help to have things in a reasonable but accessible place.  I live in hope!


    Very neat and tidy! I don’t have a permanent painting desk, or it would just end up covered in crap. The dining table gets appropriated instead, so I’m forced to be somewhat neat as I have to lug everything up and down stairs.

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    Phil Dutré

    I clean up my painting desk every couple of months. It always feels like a new fresh start.

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    Darkest Star Games

    I currently do not have a project table.  What i normally use is absolutely buried in project and boxes and paints.  Multiple layers.  An gaming archaeologists dream…  However:  It will soon be cool enough to resume moving things around in my garage and retrieving boxes and storage bins, etc (it gets to be 125*F in there in summer time…), add some shelving to the “office” (was a dining room) as well as a trio of sliding barn doors to seal it off (we have kittens, who are truly destroyers of worlds!!!) and I should be able to organize everything and set up an actual project space!  Wooooot!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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