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    Ok, this thread is to post my ideas for the inclusion of Giant spiders in a FiveCore Pulp game, so if anyone has any suggestions, ammendments or simple praise, comments will be welcome.

    Thoughts on rules for Giant spiders are in no particular order:


    • First rule I am thinking off is that Giant spiders need a fear check when first seen using the following chart:


    1/ Stunnded/ figure must pull back 6″ and is stunned as per the rules p23.

    2 – 5/pfff/ no effect on the figure… “I have seen bigger at home”

    6/Terrified/ as per Terrified on p23 of the rules.  Also, if a 1 is rolled when making the ‘shake it off’ test, then the figure developes Arachnophobia, meaning each and every time they come across a giant spider, they must make a new fear check.


    • Giant webs – this is a scenery kind of thing – anyone walking in to a web must past test or be caught:


    1/delayed/the sticky web delays your movement. Make another test next turn to escape it’s clutches.

    2-5/ugh, get it off me/ The figure isn’t captured by the web, but spends the remainder of the turn brushing the webs off.

    6/Trapped/ the figure is immobilised and will need help escaping or face being trapped there until eaten.

    Fire will ‘melt’ spider webs, so a path can be cleared by figures carrying (fire) torches.

    • Giant Spider attacks:

    Hmm how many ks dice?  2K2S to allow for it’s giant size?  As I have two types – ‘baby’ and fully grown, maybe 1k1s for the small ones and 2k2s for the large one?

    Treat out of action results from a spider bite as the figure has been paralysed due to the poison, or is unconcious and will die if not treated.

    Unless being attacked at the time, and adult giant spider that has paralysed a victim will drag a victim off and begin to coat them in cobweb for storage in a rasied area near where they lurk.  For this reason, I think the paralysed rule might be better than killing a figure when a 6 is rolled on the kill dice.


    • Movement:

    Giant spiders do not suffer from rough terrain/obstacles, and thus have no movement penalty. However, they can not cross or swin through (deep/fast flowing only?) water.

    I am thinking of keeping the movement rates the same as per humans, or maybe a normal rate +1d6″. Need to work on this.


    Are these rules enough, or are more needed?

    Do the rules seem usable?


    Alexander Wasberg

    It seems workable to me, having the spiders paralyze their victims is a nice thematic touch and lends itself well to follow up scenarios rescuing members carried off by the spiders.

    Ivan Sorensen

    The paralysis does lend that “Shelob” feel doesn’t it?

    2K2S seems good for a giant giant spider. If the guy doesn’t go down, he’s probably hauling ass.

    I’d aim at making them move slightly faster than humans but not massively. 6″ when out of sight and +1D6″ when rushing someone might work well.

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