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    For those who have done this, how did you find the results? Did you stick to it or did other scales/sizes start creeping back in? Any regrets? Or was it all good news?



    I have tried it several times, but almost invariably return to multiple scales, usually because I move to a new area and have to conform to local gamers’ preferences. It would be easier if I played solo and just pleased myself, but I don’t get on with solo gaming at all. The other reason for using multiple scales is that I get different things from the different scales. 6mm is fantastic for massed battles, while 15mm suits skirmishing very well. I’ve tried 6mm skirmishing and plan to try the rampant series in 6mm, but I struggle to identify with individually-based 6mm figures, so I prefer 15mm for that. Then there is the issue of not being able to represent all the troop types you want to in one of the smaller scales. If I gamed only 28mm, I feel like I would be spoilt for choice, but the smaller scales still lack many of the character figures, although that situation is improving.

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    Did it with 15mm and stuck to it. Every year though I’m tempted by one or more of the larger ranges.



    I’ve not been successful at sticking to a single scale. Abandoned 15s due to eye issues, adopted 54s. Returned to focus on 25/28 (actually never got rid of them) due to space limitations. Wanted to do 6mm ACW but wanted to purchase domestically so ended up using 10mm. Considering returning to 15s because that seems to be what most local players use.


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    I usually just add to scales while keeping the existing ones.

    At the moment I seem to be rebuilding my entire WW1 and WW2 collection in 15mm, but I’m still hanging on to the 6mm and 20mm stuff…

    The only scales I’ve ever successfully ditched were 1/6000th scale naval (the idea of filing off all those horrible moulded on DD bases really put me off) and 28mm. I stuck with the latter for a few years, but it  was only ever a niche scale for me anyway. Ssomebody ended up walking away with a real bargain load of 28mm Foundry colonial stuff, but hey ho. 15mm works much better.

    I do toy with the idea of selling my 20mm WW1 stuff, but those Emhar Whippets are so nice.







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    I tried to stick to only 15mm and 6mm.  I did pretty good at getting rid of a BUNCH of other scales, but just couldn’t part with my 3mm Vietnam stuff and 3mm planes.  …and then I inherited a bunch of Plasticville stuff which I started using for a friends ATZ figures… and then a buddy gave me a bunch of DUST figures, which are 1/48 (dern it, why couldn’t they be in 15mm?!?!?!)… and xwing… and Heavy Gear (1/144)…. I’m a sad case.


    That said, anyone want to buy some 20mm Vientam?

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    I have storage and game table size limitations. I know the smaller scale is good for me ……. but oooh, I do like 20mm WWII and 28mm other things.

    However things came to a head and practicalities do win out, so I sold off all the mid scale stuff (15mm) and resolved to stick with the 10mm / 12mm scales, with the real benefit being that one scale terrain and small scale at that, gives the greatest relief to the storage monster.

    You will notice that the above paragraph cleverly avoids saying that the 20mm / 28mm stuff went, which of course it should have done. Instead, it is efficiently packed away in boxes ….. waiting to go!  but I keep on getting a few pieces out and admiring them and it is a tough call!

    The ultimate truth is that either the 20/28 goes or the 10/12 goes – one of them must …Oh Dear!


    I did it 30+ years ago. All my figures and terrain are 15 mm.

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    I had a mix of 6, 15 and 28mm. I got rid of the 6 and 15mm stuff, and kept a portion of my 28s. I now only have 28s, with one 6mm army, which I kept as I’d painted it for a review for Bacchus miniatures. The only other stuff I have is a collection of 1/48th aircraft to go with my 28mm figures.


    No problem, and I’ve kept to these choices since 2000.

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    I did start a move to 6mm as I had no time or opponents and simply wanted to play some solo games at home in a smaller environment. But it was abandoned for the good reasons of suddenly having time and opponents due to a change in liftestyle.

    Currently I run everything from 6mm to 28mm and even have 6mm,15mm and 28mm Napoelonic armies.


    I started with 1/72 figures, continued with them for many years & am now using….you guessed it…1/72 figures.

    Never, ever tempted to use anything larger or smaller.





    About five years ago I went completely to 1/72 (for land) and have no problem with staying that way.

    I have been tempted lately every time I´m in the toy shop (which is embarrassingly often for a man my age) by those big bags of knights, you know the ones, silver and gold, and think how much fun those could be. I reckon they´re around 54mm or so, and there´s even a set with a castle. Hmmm………..


    Focused exclusively on 6mm but the difficulty is that your gaming will depend on those who have the same scale so it is a group effort.  If you have no club you can please yourself but otherwise you have to go with what people want to have.


    I sold off all my 28mm stuff a couple of years ago and switched to 15mm.


    I used to be exclusive 20mm WW2. But a couple of years ago I switched to 6mm sci fi. I also got a few Bones Reaper Miniature kickstarters so had a bunch of random 28mm stuff. I also do 6mm WW2. So I did the opposite. I branched out a little. Although I pretty much only do 6mm these days.


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