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    Lagartija Mike

    Inspired in part by Jack Scruby’s old Mafrica scribbles,  I’ve decided I need a portmanteau continent the better to showcase my ahistorical (and sometimes purely fantastic) battles. Now I just need a rule set that will allow for Paleolithic through terminal 18th century mass combat. And a map.

    Does anyone do their own worlds?


    To do your map, scan pages out of an atlas, then use the wikipedia map of Gondwana to reassemble the continent.  Remember the limit is not today’s shoreline but around the limit of the continental shelf.  Polyfilla over the cracks between the continents.


    As more and more detailed cartography appears online, I am less and less inclined to make up maps.

    Lagartija Mike

    Thanks, Grizzly. I’ve spent some forced downtime this weekend doing just that, with some more recent topographic detail stirred in for hi-torqued weirdness.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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