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    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I met up with IronGate Scenery at Hammerhead and was pleased (wallet has a different word) to find that they could print some of the figures in 15mm as a special order for me and today a box arrived with some very sweet figures that I thought I would share.

    The 15mm figure for scale is Og carrier of ‘The Spear of the Ancestors’ – star of my Palaeo Diet Games (rules from Ganesha). He is 19mm from the bottom of base to top of his head so he’s a more modern 15mm (hunched over 18-20 more like). Usual apologies for the quality of the pictures, I’ve only got my phone handy and a little space on the edge of the table currently.

    Saying all of that – this is the fruit tree (from The Tree Fellas – no link) that led me to the ape discussion:

    The base is actually resin and may get swapped out for my normal materials to match.

    The second and third items are from the IronGate 28mm range and have not been printed any smaller – first up a giant tree stump that will be used for an objective:

    I may build this into a little diorama with a ‘pool’ in the middle – not sure yet. Who knows it may even end up in the swamp as per my abortive LAF entry

    The last bit of the 28s are the small ‘giant’ crabs – these are actually babies of the standard giant crab but fit perfectly in 15mm for lunch targets:

    Crabs infer water, so I got the small raft shrunk down:

    The tiller arm will not survive – I will replace that with wire and turn it into a rough branch I think. Unlike the other pieces I think these parts are filament prints and not resin.

    Wildlife wise I stuck to three classic ‘caveman’ sets. Two minor issues – no bases so sticking them down is going to be fun and legs / ears are thin and may well snap off. The Ice Age figures from Mick Yarrow are metal (but smaller) if this bothers anyone…

    First up are a family of Wooly Rhino:

    Nice proportions and I like the size – not overly large but enough bulk to work and the fur has not merged into big clumps.

    These  are followed by giant ‘elk’ or Megaloceros (pic is really bad – no idea why these would not photograph):

    The baby’s right ear did not print (or was lost pre-packing) and the legs look very troublesome to glue on the two standing females so I may not use them unless I can think if a way to deal with this…

    And finally are three Mammoths – just love the pose of ‘swinging’ one:

    These are 65-70mm tip of trunk to foot and 20-25mm to the top of their hump (the head swinging one being the tallest) so not the biggest tuskers around but do look right and way lighter than the metal ones I have.

    Would I do this again? YES but differently:

    • Without spending a fair bit more on man time, figure selection needs to be considered with more care than I did as shrinking the figures works in places but the legs and ears needed bulking out in width. I cannot see how this can be done automatically so I expect this would ramp the cost up.
    • I would also say a request of ’28mm as 15mm’ is not a wise ordering process – it would have been better if I specified the height of things to match my impressions of the animals. I would love a few bigger mammoths in future but the elk is perfect – possibly shrink for 20mm figures would do this.
    • Still not planning on buying a printer (keep dreaming Andrew) – too much to sculpting wise going by this run.

    Cost wise the figures came out at around £50 inc free postage, the tree stump (got at the show) and two ‘small ents’ (that are not for this game – I think.). Not the cheapest way to buy 16x15mm figures but OK for a splash out treat given that these are a manual print run for me.

    I’m very happy with IronGate (and hope this does not read to negatively) – from the original chat at the show to emails and service they have been polite, helpful and responsive to my order and TBH I can see more things coming from them long term (maybe a move to 28mm Palaeo one day???). Turn around was great – original query was the 6th, invoice 11th, delivery 17th and this is during them handling the restock prints post Hammerhead for Overlord.


    Nice stuff!

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Some nice models there, I like the wooly rhino, but would have to give the animation to the elephants – very good.

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