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    Battle Tristianka Heights, 1812

    It is high summer and the Russians under 3rd Corps have deployed on the Tristianka heights as part of a delaying action against Eugen’s Italian 4th Corps.

    The Russians are defending with 1500 cavalry, 60 guns and 14 000 infantry, of which 4000 are Opolochenie!

    The French have 2000 cavalry, 16 000 infantry and 38 cannon.

    Although stronger in cavalry the French have only Chasseurs and divided the division into two brigades to fight on each flank. So the Russians placing all their own cavalry on one flank were able to mass against the French left flank, ride down the brigade of Chasseurs with the Russian Hussars, Lancers and Cossacks (which lurked behind the French cavalry taking them all prisoner as they fled the Russian Light cavalry).

    Next the Russian cavalry swung around the French flank, taking the Italian 12# Battery and French 6# Horse battery in the flank riding them down quickly.

    However, the Franco-Italians were no push over. The Russian divisions were scattered along the ridge, but the French swept up over the ridge and launched assault after assault driving back 3 of the 4 infantry divisions.

    Some local counterattacks drove 2 Italian regiments back. But this was not enough. With three of the 5 divisions running The Russians withdrew.

    Sadly for the French right at the moment of victory Eugen e was killed leading a French regiment….

    A very bloody and very quick battle, over in four turns and also less than two hours from start to finish!

    It was a great game. I am looking forward to the rematch! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Figures are all AB and Eureka 18mm and Foggy painted all the figures!Russian Militia

    Avatar photoBandit

    Very good looking miniatures. Like seeing the Russian militia and having them carry banners.



    The Bandit

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Lovely units and splendid looking game.


    Thanks guys. Grand Battles Napoleon is a very visually appealing game and when you are surrounded by well painted miniatures and terrain it just adds that extra, ‘Ooooh’ factor!

    French, IT

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    “Visually appealing” is an understatement.


    Avatar photogrizzlymc

    Yeah, bleedin gorgeous is a bit of an understatement.

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