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    A couple of weeks ago we had another playtest game for Revolutionary wars using Grand Battles Napoleon rules, sold through North Star. With work and life I have not had time to write up a batrep until this now, so here goes.

    It is the 3rd of May 1797, Venice or what is left of it after the Peace of Leoben, have mobilised the remnants of their once glorious army and are marching to seize a vital Bridge which leads straight to Venice and along which the French-Piedmontese army must march.

    Both armies are small with no more than 7-9 regiments each, 1-2 batteries and 1-2 cavalry regiments, (600 point game). About 10 000 infantry, and 1000 cavalry and 16 guns per side. Although the Venetians had mainly battalion pieces, except 6 Austrian 6# that played a vital role in the game.

    The Venetian advanced guard was the first to reach the villages and all important bridge. Deploying Wurmser Freikorps regiment and Austrian 6# battery into the French side village guarding the bridge and the Dalmatian Border cavalry and Border Battalion in front of the Bridge.

    The Piedmontese advanced guard was composed of Piedmontese Carabineers, a Light Battalion and 3# battery, with the French division marching up the road. The French-Allied army was content to settle down to a long range cannon duel and skirmishing around the town for the first few hours while the whole French and Piedmontese force slowly arrived. The Piedmontese battery and light battalion suffering badly from the exchange.

    Meanwhile the Venetian main body of two divisions arrived just in time to secure the Venetian side of the bridge as the French attacked. Caught off guard the French deployed their battery too close to the Border cavalry and were overrun for their mistake. However the losses from canister had been great and French musketry discouraged the cavalry from further attacks. The 84th Line stormed the flank of the village and drove out the Freikorps and battery, almost capturing the Venetian army general as well!

    With neither side able to get a grip on the opposite side of the bridge, (the river was impassable and no fords were found), both sides settled into a prolonged firefight across the tiny but deep river.

    The French were gaining the better of their opponents with the Venetian Guards retreating after suffering horrendous casualties as well as the Austrian regiment facing the French village. The Venetian advanced guard was still on the French side of the river and was threatening the village, however the French heavy cavalry chased away the Border cavalry and kept the rest of the advanced guard honest.

    However, with the cavalry now away from the bridge the Venetians threw their second division across the bridge. Two Venetian regiments attacked a French regiment across the bridge routing it then attacking into the village and driving out the 84th French regiment, well what was left of it. The French counterattacked and drove both Venetian regiments back, even managing to trap one regiment against the river and gaining 300 prisoners.

    It was at this time that both armies had been fighting since 8am and it was now 1.45 pm. Exhausted and on army morale both failed their army morale tests and both withdrew for the rest of the day.

    A very bloody draw, 6 points aside. and almost 12 turns of fighting.

    We played on a 3 foot by 4 foot table using AB and Eureka 18mm miniatures.


    How many turns did you play? Hmm, I see 12 turns. Helps to actually read the post.  How long did that take? I’m always curious about new rules. Thanks for the report.

    Are these 15mm figures?

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    The figures are 18mm AB and Eureka. Because of the small numbers of units per side, it took less than two hours to play out the game.

    Norm S

    What a lovely sized game – splendid.

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