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    I was looking for a set of rules to take our rather basic (but very enjoyable) zombie games to another level with a bit more role play without affecting the game play. I read several reviews and settled on Osprey’s “Zona Alfa” by Patrick Todoroff. I had a short e-mail conversation with the author.

    Why? Well it was far less expensive than its competitors, had some rather nice games on the internet, had a relatively simple set of game mechanics and an easily modified background. All that said a major factor was that it is not tied to a manufacture’s range of figures. This meant that all my “Dedburgh” figures could be used along with monsters from my fantasy collection. All I had to do was move the Russian setting to the UK.

    What did I need for a game when we come out of Level 4 Covid restrictions? A background that moved Chernobyl to the UK near our zombie infestation in Dedburgh (see the General Fantasy Board). This is still being worked on and will come soon.

    A few bits of post apocalypse terrain. A search of the spare bits and the tub of “useful bits” that gets all of the “that might be useful one day” broken models, packaging and stuff revealed bits to make …
    A wrecked Humvee:

    A contaminated pool

    A car and some debris

    A fallen pylon and another car

    A fallen robot

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