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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Not able to see the boys for our usual game I decided to play it out solo introducing “Bloaters”.

    Two policemen responded to a call for assistance from the “Old Abbey”, now a research centre The report was somewhat garbled, part of the main building had collapsed and an angry mob was besieging the clinicians in the remains of the main building. On arrival the policemen realised that it was no ordinary mob but a horde of zombies. The zombie disease was spreading out from the town centre. The clinic had been doing research into the disease and reportedly had made some progress.

    On receipt of the report, the Superintendent sent a squad of five firearms trained officers to extract the two policemen and the clinicians with their research samples. Each officer was armed with a pistol and a shotgun as well as his baton, CS Spray etc. The man in charge was Sergeant Philip Massels, a long serving former soldier. (The White Shirts)

    He also despatched a security section from the newly formed Police Auxiliary Security Service (PASS) of six officers to extract as many civilians as possible for quarantine. Each officer was armed with a pistol and a shotgun as well as his baton, CS Spray etc. The man in charge was Sergeant Colin Sepport. (The Blue Shirts)

    In the village centre the streets were swarming with the infected while the Abbey Research Centre (The ARC) was infested.

    And the Manor farm were surrounded by the zombies.

    Some families had grouped themselves together in a few houses for mutual support arming themselves with whatever came to hand. The survivors were following the broadcast advice to stay home, barricade, arm and await evacuation.

    The Blue Shirts opened the action with a “quiet” approach. Officer “Domestos” Davies (from the bleach advert “Domestos – thick and Strong”) called “That dolly bird is mine!” as he rushed a female zombie. The fight went badly when he stumbled over some rubble and “The damned bitch has bitten me!” he yelled. Just as Officer Harry Uppe charged in “Domestos” was bitten again. And just as things looked bad the residents of No 3 Mucky Lane charged out led by Jacqueline Hyde armed with a golf club and a machete.

    The zombies were quickly despatched by this devastating rear attack.

    Harry had a look at Domestos, “Dinnae worry, he’s Okay. Nae brains, ye ken,” as he jabbed him with antibiotics. The survivors from numbers 3 and 5 were “escorted” by the injured (and complaining) Domestos off to safety.

    On the other road into the village things are strangely quiet when suddenly zombies emerge from concealment behind the wall and from the trees. Sergeant Philip Massels calls “Letten Have it!” and deals with two with the butt of his shotgun and baton. Unfortunately, Officer “Pizza” Slyce was knocked down and bitten. His companion Officer “Harpic” Harris (“Harpic – Clean(s) round the bend” from an advert for a drain cleaner) finished off the zombies in a mad frenzy of an attack.

    Fortunately Office Slyce was not infected. Officer Laura Norder quipped “The Zeds probably don’t like pineapple on pizza either!”

    Not far away a dog started barking attracting a horde of zombies. The dog put up a valiant fight killing two attackers but eventually succumbed to the horde.

    At Manor Farm the portly retired hospital consultant Sir Philip Graves and his family are holding out in the main building with his son Doug Graves, daughter Robyn Graves, Reverend Chris Cross, Uncle Dick Graves and his driver Helen Wiels.

    Over in the barn in hiding were Harry Lipp, Laura Hacker and Harden Thicke who slowly and quietly joined the others as they crept out of the rear door as the zombies were distracted by turning on the car CD players as loud as possible and opening the windows.

    Things were getting desperate for the White Shirts. Zombies including a giant fat one and one that was bloated and covered in suppurating blisters.

    Meanwhile, making use of the cover of the walls, the Blue Shirts were able to rescue another family. The retreat was slowed by Grandad Luke Warm and the children. The zombies closed in led by another of the bloated ones and a huge fat one. The Bloated one was shot and exploded! It showered the following zombies in puss and fragments stopping them in their tracks. As the zombies paused the Blue shirts and their charges escaped.

    In the Abbey the two policemen finally persuaded the scientists to take all their research, laptops and samples and escape while the zombies were drawn towards the White Shirts’ gunfire. To help their comrades they switched on the police car siren as they passed it. Thus drawing off more zombies.

    Seeing the scientists escape the white shirts then conducted a fighting withdrawal

    After the action the bitten officers were placed in quarantine and luckily they eventually recovered. The scientists joined their colleagues in trying to find a cure.

    Our modified Akula’s Rules worked a treat solo.

    Avatar photogreg954

    I haven’t read a Dedburgh in a while. Always a lot of good action, plus you beat a good classic zombie wargame.

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    How did I miss this?  Great work!

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    How did I miss this? Great work!

    Thanks.  There will be another installment soon because the boys are able to visit tomorrow and want a zombie game.

    Avatar photoPrince Rhys

    What a brilliant battle report – thoroughly enjoyed that!

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