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    The trouble is if you not a Facebooker, you can’t see them.

    I won’t join to see these grim shots. If I really want to see grim photographs, I’ll dig out ones of the in-Laws. 87)




    Not that grim. An RCAF Sunderland sunk a U-boat. Prohibited from landing to pick up survivors (too many to be able to fly, likelihood of being outnumbered and taken over), the Sunderland took a photo of the crew in their lifeboats.  The U-boat crew later died to a man of exposure before they could be picked up. So the same scenario the U-boat crew likely participated in when sinking merchantmen. War is cruel.

    John D Salt

    All the photos are available to non-Faceparkers at the excellent Uboat.net site, specifically:


    The site also gives full details of the boat’s previous career, during which she seems to have been responsible for the deaths of 214 Allied sailors. The surviving crew were unlucky enough to encounter a storm the day after their sinking.

    All the best,


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