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    Mark Luther

    After a late war game I thought some early actions in the Poland 39 campaign would be in order for a September I Ain’t Been Shot Mum game in 6mm. I stole this scenario directly from Rob Avery’s excellent Vis Lardica site.
    Grudziadz is a town in the Polish Corridor and the Germans were actually attacking from East Prussia. The attackers were from the reserve 10th Panzer Rgt. They had a load of light tanks– 2 platoons of 2) Pz Is and 3) Pz IIs and a HQ platoon of 2 more Pz IIs and another Pz I and a Pz I Befelswagen.
    They also had a company of 3 platoons of infantry, a 4 gun MMG platoon, 2 AA Halftracks
    The town was strategically important because it had several military schools and staff offices. But it was lightly defended. Only infantry and Border units (KOP) and some artillery.
    Jon had was the defending Poles. He had 3 2) section platoons of infantry. One of KOP troops and the other regulars. They were large sections of 10 men though. The regular platoons also had an ATR and a Lt Mortar. Also 3 taczankas and 3 37mm Bofors ATGs. 2 medium mortars and some artillery–which never came in. All the Poles could be dug in within the perimeter of the town outskirts.
    Link to flickr AAR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/6mmgaming/albums/72157719867081557/with/51484006569/

    More covering fire by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51482503307_a63839f4f7_c.jpg%5B/url%5DRemaining panzers by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51482502232_4bfc7d930f_c.jpg%5B/url%5DHQ panzers move up by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr


    Steve Johnson

    Very nice!

    Bokaso Bokas

    I’m very impressed with the field. Well done, sir.

    I’d like to try to copy something.

    Tony S

    You just can’t beat 6mm terrain.  Looks outstanding.  And it’s always refreshing to see early war scenarios.


    As per usual, your tables are stunning. I have never played I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, but I feel like I should give it a go some time.

    Jim Webster

    It does look good


    Mark Luther

    Thanks for the compliments.  We really like the scale and friction involved with IABSM.  Ground scale in the rules is great for 6mm too.

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