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    What game do you genuinely like that your ‘hardcore’ gaming buddies are surprised by or even sneer at?

    For me, I checked my boardgamegeek.com ratings and found that I rate BattleTech much higher than most. I only like the game in the pre-Clan era, but I do not find the game a bit slow. I am always thinking, engaged and scheming for victory when I play. While my hardcore gaming buddies are not, I’m always up for a game of BattleTech.

    (I also seem to like Chinese Checkers more than most people. I have 2 children and it is one of the few simple games I know that plays well with 3.)

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    Pirates Constructible Strategy Game, cheap, cheesy, simple, quick, but not really considered a proper war game by most.

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    I own a lot of the ships. I played once or twice and it seemed fun. But as you say, it has the stigma of not being a ‘proper’ wargame hence I gave it up for lack of opponents.

    You know, fightin' in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one being, you're fightin' in a basement! --Lt. Aldo Raine

    Northern Monkey

    Ive just posted up my simple campaign rules for Pirates along with some pics of my ships, see the link in my signature

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    Warmaster Ancients. It was once popular in the club, but no one else seems to like it anymore. I miss it.

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    Northern Monkey

    Its still popular in all its forms (ancients/fantasy/medieval) at our club, albeit Impetus took some of the players from Warmaster but its still played regularly what replaced it at your club?

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    Yeah I loved Warmaster Ancients too! Had absolutely no previous interest in Ancients, was entirely new to 10mil, but loved it – it helped that Dave, at my then club, HMS Sultan Wargames Club, was really enthusiastic and organised some great games. I think they were a major breakthrough in rules design…

    Now I have followed Rick Priestly into Hail Caesar and Black Powder, and have never looked back, but I might organise a game for nostalgia’s sake sometime….

    What do my club mates sneer at? My predilection for using Tigers and Panthers I suppose!

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    Buff Orpington

    I haven’t played Battletech or WMA in ages but I’d be happy to play either. I better clear up the table and get my son round for a game.

    Ivan Sorensen

    My group is of the “will play anything” persuasion so I have it easy. I still love 40K 2nd edition and AD&D (1st and 2nd) which 40Kers and roleplayers respectively seem to loathe nowadays, so I guess that’ll count.

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    I’m still fond of Warmaster Ancients. My son and I still play the occasional game.

    Henry Hyde

    Warmaster Fantasy and Warmaster Ancients. A classic case of starting to collect something, only to discover that nobody else nearby was interested in joining in because it no longer has official support. Never mind, I shall plough on regardless…

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    Matchlocks on the Warpath.


    I’d sooner sell my Strategic Review magazines than this rule set.

    Matthew Grove

    I like a good dungeon crawl board game.  None of my historical miniature players will play board games.  My son has expressed an interest and I think he would have fun when he is a bit older.  He is not quite reading yet. 🙂


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