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    Lagartija Mike

    It’s reached a point between work demands, self-defeating over attention to detail in painting (or repainting) and mods, and the urge to start new projects before completing old ones that, at the moment, I don’t have an entire viable army in any period. Yet my purchases and plots continue. I need to get a grip.

    Norm S

    If only we could be satisfied with a red army and a blue army and hills made from up-turned ice cream tubs, our gaming life could be so much easier 🙂

    I try hard to get an army (mostly) complete before moving on and I do increasingly turn away from the keyboard and say “right, that’s it, I’m going to do something productive” – and an hour later, I have a building done or a few bases textured etc – but it is still half hearted I must admit.

    But I have been really surprised the last few days reading some blogs that show people having collections like 5,000 painted 25mm napoleonic figures etc ……..whew!  how does that happen?


    I think a lot of us suffer from hobby ADD, lack of free time, and a “hmm, those will paint up quickly” delusion. If you are a “big battle” fan, maybe give smaller skirmish games a try in the periods you enjoy so you can at least get some toys on the table – might help you stay motivated to crack on and finish a bigger army.
    Also, Just try to say “enough is enough” when it comes to the detail for the cannon fodder, and save the detail for the leaders.
    Of course, I don’t follow all of the above advice myself, and have similar problems to you 🙂 Luckily I enjoy skirmish games, though.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    I’ve been there, Brother. I have a pretty intense work schedule (in fact I’m currently in a 70+ hour per week stretch since last June till maybe December.) and I used to buy everything that caught my eye. The result was that I had dozens of half-painted armies that I couldn’t put on the table. All those pretty, pretty troops that no one else would ever see, while my lead pile grew and grew.

    Finally, I just got sick of it and decided it’s better to have one complete army than a dozen unplayable fragments. I got disciplined, and I mean like a Spartan. I just pick one army at a time and slowly, laboriously follow it through till it’s complete. I typically toss in one or two relevant terrain features for every project while I’m at it. As a result, I end up with a few complete armies, and that’s very satisfying.

    I still get tempted. Every week, I see some new range of figures that makes me want to just throw some money at them, but I will myself not to, though sometimes I slip.

    Where there is fire, we will carry gasoline

    Not Connard Sage

    I’ve got too many hobbies/distractions. For the past few years playing guitar, badly, has taken priority over painting figures, badly. 🙂

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.


    I painted hands and faces on 15mm Germans for 1916-1918 yesterday…It was like painting little Darth Vader’s.

    Otto Schmidt

    Dear Mike

    Sympathize, but don’t empathize. As I write this I just completed  the re-organization and reburush up repainting of an old friends collection I interited and 10 regiments of infantry have gone into  their “complete” boxes for the final drying and glue setting up. Then onto the display shelves. That’s 360 30mm troops. The artillery ( 64 figures) is almost done and ready to go on the based with the guns to the same project. Four cavalry regiments at the last stages of touch up. (16 figures each) and over 300 20mm modern figures for my modern army of Bandrika ready to be cut off the sprues and based.

    Of course this is not so impressive when you remember I paint in oils and some of these have been on the project pile for over a year.  Of a more daunting nature are the Thirty Years War Troops, of which I have four “Swedish Regiments” a forming, and the painitng of these figures is harder. The big thing here is that someone gave me a pile of ECW figures for the Scotts and the Tartans are really a pain.  But, bit by bit.

    These add on to five Imagi-Nation armies averaging around 800 figures each, and then there are the Renaissance armies and the Thirty Years War Armies at somewhat smaller size.

    I won’t even get into the modern stuff.

    The answer is slow patient effort a little each day, a little at a time.  All of the above were done while I had  a job working 12 hours a day and commuting another four hours each day, and putting on two conventions.

    Now that I am retired I have lots more time for everything.



    PS to Norm Smith.  I tried the Red/Army Blue army thing. It isn’t esthetically pleasing.




    Lagartija Mike

    Ha! The lure of skirmish. I fell in love with the Perry retreat from Moscow figures and figured I’d do a biggish skirmish thing with them against Cossacks and vengeful Opolochenie and, ten minutes into ticking purchase boxes, I’d already racked up over 200 figures. Nothing stays small.

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