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    18 years ago HL2 came out to well nothing, as steam which was new didn’t work and it took like a week before everyone could play it. One of gaming history’s most anticipated games.

    now 18 years later with  the blessing of Valve(even game the mod its own page on the steam store), You can now play the full game Half-Life 2 in VR for free(if you own HL2, which cost like 7 bucks and you should already have it! ) Here’s the first 30 minutes.
    It works great, tho I can’t figure out how to get up ladders.


    Part 2, quite a bit more action in this one. Still problems with ladders. And had some major weapons malfunctions.



    Part 3

    Ho-ho-ho now I have a machine gun.


    Things are heating up, I’m getting tried of the little annoying flying robots. And I get into some headcrab zombie action.



    Part 5.

    I now have a boat, things get dicey, i almost die several times(in the end I only have 1 health)


    Part 6, my airboat now has a gun. And it’s payback time from when they almost killed me.

    This is luckily the last part of boating adventure, as I find it kinda boring.


    Part 7, I go to Ravenholm, a part of the game some people find very scary. It’s definitely a horror part of the game.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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