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    OK I am working my way through the first read of these rules and am confused about the command roll (pg 23) and it’s effects. Maybe later in the rules things will be covered, if so please bear with me and state “see page XX for an explanation”.

    I assume you make ONE ROLL for your entire side. Each order either applies to a single “formation”, as stated a reinforced platoon. Or it applies to a single or group of units which are tasked with the same objective.

    So either each roll is used for a single platoon, each squad of it can go off and do whatever it wants,


    Each group of troops (of whatever size) who are going to do a single thing need one command point (order).

    I assume the latter where, say, you want two squads to advance into a town while a third squad forms a fire base. This would take two orders. While,say, an entire platoon is to advance down a road and if they come under attack each sub unit is to take cover, that would only require a single order. If you wanted them to return fire against multiple sources then this would require one order for each target as a couple squads could “gang up” requiring (in my mind) a single order each.

    Am I close?

    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Hi Stephen,

    Here is my understanding of the rules: you roll your command dice (a D6, or 2D6/choose higher, etc.) and this grants you a number of Orders. Each unit—squad, vehicle, or weapon team—then costs 1 order to activate and give an action.

    If you are playing large games, the rules state (on the page 23 you are referencing) that you should first break your force down into platoon-sized formations, and roll command dice for each of those formations instead. The platoon-sized formations don’t share orders.

    You do not issue orders to groups of units, but rather roll for orders that are then shared by a formation of units (in platoon-sizes, assuming that you are playing with the standard game scale of each unit=squad). For clarifications about what “Unit” means in game terms, see page 17.

    Avatar photomadman

    OK this is addressed in the support points section. I guess you roll for each “reinforced platoon” and allot orders then. Each order is only good for a single unit. Is this correct?

    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber


    Avatar photomadman

    So, to follow up, each turn you will only be activating one to six squads out of a potential total of say a dozen. And usually only three or four, probably about a platoon at a time. Of course support elements will also suck up these activations, like MG teams, weapons teams or vehicles. Mind you they could activate via the return fire mechanic. You cannot “hold” activations over a turn to allow you to activate more units at once later (simulating a push). I do like the idea that not everything is available all the time but the ability to make sure, for a limited time, enough units do activate to get through a turn of an initial action would be useful. Having to wait until that happens, potentially never during a game, sounds frustrating.

    What are self ordering units? I assume they are covered in the “army lists” area, but I assume they will be highly motivated troops trained for personal initiative like paratroops or HQ troops. I also assume they have a greater value due to this. Whether you can add this “ability” to any unit by paying additional costs or is it inherent to specific units?

    I understand some of this will be covered later and I am slowly going through the rules so please bear with me. I will probably post more “so it is covered here” posts as I run across specifics or where it is covered elsewhere. For now I will only be looking at the rules for infantry (plus minor supports) as given my interests and real world history 90+% of all actions were mainly infantry affairs and that is what I want to concentrate on.

    Is there a, what do you call it now(?), one page rules summary or page with all the game charts in a single place. Sorry I know the name it just isn’t coming up right now.

    Finally I will be playing with micro armour if that makes any difference to how the rules are handled.

    Thank you for your replies.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    As the command roll for regulars is 2D6, pick high, you will generally have a decent number of activations.
    One of the factors that is “hidden” a bit in the mechanics is getting troops pushed forward into positions quickly. As units shoot back in a fire fight, you want to get close enough where that will happen.
    Likewise, you want to “offload” a lot of your heavy weapons to the Support points if possible.

    If you wanted to simulate a planned BIG PUSH, give each player 1-2 tokens they can use, which automatically gives you a 6 for the command roll.

    Self-ordering means the unit can order itself, without using a command point. Some upgrades grant this either conditionally or freely.
    The general upgrade is “Leader” (representing a squad with a particularly motivated and talented squad leader) which lets the unit always activate.
    Others are conditional. F.x. Commandos can always take the Move Out action without needing a command point.

    There is a game reference sheet in the back, though it looks pretty rough. I’ve been meaning to get a new one done by someone with better talent for that sort of thing than I 🙂

    You should be fine with micro-armor.

    Avatar photomadman

    Sounds good and a decent work around wrt offloading into support. I am still not so sure about there being enough orders but will have to play and see how it works in reality.

    An alternative is allow players to hold one order per turn up to a maximum for use in a later turn. But again I wish to use rules as written. I have an issue with some of these “one page” rules which cover nothing with the author stating “cover it in the scenario”. Means I couldn’t think of a rule myself or more likely it would enlarge my rules to be out of my claim of one or two pages. BS in my mind.

    QRS! That is the word I am looking for. Getting old sux.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Agreed, use the rules as written. The army building process has options to mess with it for that reason 🙂

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