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    Avatar photoTim Snoddy

    With apologies to those who dislike on table clutter here is a little report of a game I had yesterday, personally the tags really help me keep track of things.  Still building up my forces so not an optimal mix.  Really should have given the Soviets some better AT equipment.  One of the great things about Nordic Weasel games is you seem to be able to tinker without breaking anything.  I divide forces into formations and use a number of activation dice equal to the number of formations plus 1.  Drop the lowest dice and allocate the other dice to formations.  They then have to activate in order of highest dice, alternating between players when one formation finishes.  Going to get the Bolt Action army books for some idea of how to build historical formations.  The most gaming fun I have had in a long time and even with substantial forces on table the game completed in just over three hours.  I would also heartily recommend the random time limit and deployment distances as suggested in the rule book.

    What makes these rules different is how they treat support weapons like machine guns.  Each side rolls for support points which represent ammo and general availability of support.  Support units can fire defensively in support of nearby targeted units or offensively when those units launch their own attacks.  So they can fire multiple times if there are available points and they don’t get silenced by incoming fire.  Suddenly they command open ground and make you think twice about attacking nearby units.

    Two formations for the Germans. A veteran Grenadier platoon with supporting Hanomag transports and a MMG. And a platoon of dependable heavy infantry. Infantry are classed by the number of light machine guns in a squad. Also a couple of characters, a leader and a sharpshooter. Tags were so useful.

    Soviets have two platoons of light infantry (dependable) and 2 squads of SMG assault specialists and 2 squads of heavy infantry with 2 light machine guns and an 82mm mortar. To be honest the rules are a tad hazy on how to treat half tracks. Thought they were a bit too brittle last night so played strictly as written today. Which meant the Soviets really should have brought some AT gear.

    Remembered to use the random deployment depth today. This allowed some Grenadiers to unload straight into a building. It is the old fight over a crossroads scenario. My heavy infantry is a tad short.

    I really underestimated how fast the half tracks could move. I lose a squad of heavies for no return.

    My other squad that did not quite make it is also in real difficulties in the open.

    Two half tracks finish it off. Things are looking grim.

    One half track gets too close allowing a successful assault by my SMG squad.

    I pour fire into the building my squad was cut down just short of and eventually it pays off.

    My two assault squad cram into one end of this wood to minimise fire on them but a pesky Hanomag still causes trouble.

    I lose a squad of light infantry positioned against the stone wall in a field.

    Germans get out too soon and I race light infantry over to shoot them down.

    Another squad down.

    I have a well positioned LMG in the centre of the battle but it eventually falls.

    Some long range fire is successful.

    Second half track falls to the assault squad.

    I brought my mortar forward so it could fire direct with more accuracy. Little did I think it would be hit twice in the same turn killing it.

    Half track shows no fear of the light infantry.

    We hold one building each and things look close.

    Hanomag pours in fire from the just outside assault range location. Colin moved it a bit close and thought better of it. I imagined the gunner shouting to the driver “bit close mate. somebody lighting a petrol bomb in there, reverse a bit…”

    My left flank is close to collapse.

    German heavy infantry swarms across open ground taking heavy casualties but I lose my defenders in the building.

    They have a clear run. Pretty much game.

    I try to bring one of my last squads of light infantry back to challenge but those super fast half tracks catch it.

    My heavily suppressed last remaining unit on the left keeps failing morale and trying to run away. Guess what it gets shot down by a half track, and with that we call game. Seemed close at times. Stupid mistake in initial deployment. Second worst mistake moving the mortar. Usual great cinematic moments, screams of anguish at missed shots and lots and lots of fun.

    Avatar photoTony S

    Seems like no side was giving quarter that day!  Very bloody indeed – looks like everyone had fun.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the support points.  I think Ivan Sorenson came up with a very clever idea that encourages realistic WW2 tactics.


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