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    Not much work done since the last update, but finally got this finished off.

    Over the eons, the Harmony system has been visited by many different sentient species. Some were only transient visitors, leaving little or no trace. Others stayed long enough to leave more permanent reminders.

    One such mysterious relic is the building known as ‘The Shining Pyramid’, located on the rolling plains to the North of Harmony City. It is of unknown, but clearly ‘alien’ origins and of unknown but considerable age. It’s builders and purpose remain unknown.

    Due to it’s remoteness a proper xenoarcheological study has never been conducted, but exploration teams report that it appears to be made of some unknown metal alloy, resistant to the worst attempts at damage over the ages.

    The Shining Pyramid.

    It is strongly secured against entry, even to the point of being blast and laser resistant, as previous unofficial ‘surveys’ have proved.

    Blast damage

    Other species have also found the site, leaving their marks and sigils around the entry. Some are of considerable antiquity and to date have proven undecipherable.

    Sealed, why?

    The structure has received it’s fair share of attention from treasure hunters, but has remained sealed despite many attempts at entry.

    Perhaps there's a clue in the writing?

    Perhaps the answer lies in the runes?

    But can they read them?

    Regardless of the remoteness of the location, there’s always one joker …..

    Guess Who?

    Building is a Critical Mass Pyramid, now sadly OOP, 15mm figures from various sources.


    That looks really nice Etranger, great work.

    Shame its out of production.

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