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    I have a small plan-ette for another Dragon Rampant Army.

    “We all know the anti-Saruman Propaganda of Tolkien for the vile spew of a Running-Dog imperialist liar that he was. In the real World the Halfling Democratic Republic remained true and free, and bestest Leader Sharku remains as our Great Helmsman. Our Brave Patriotic Army will defend its borders against the Fascist Humans and their degenerate elven paymasters, we, and our heroic half-orc friends will remain true to the teachings of Sauron.”

    Yes, it’s a world where the Scouring of the Shire was a wash-out. I am so far thinking some plastic Wargames Atlantic Halflings, humany-looking half orcs (or even Orcy looking plastic Humans) and a wizard…. what else could I shoe-horn in there? any good ideas? Beasts of some sort especially welcome. They never DID find out what happened to the Watcher in the water. Olog-Hai refugees….. anything else?

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    Great idea, long live the H.D.R!

    Huorns – from the Old Forest corrupted by Sharkey

    Barrow Wights – again stirred into action by the presence of Sharkey

    Bree Militia – allies who are also fighting for their continued independence

    Trolls – The Trollshaws are not too far away from the H.D.R, and with the resurrection of Arnor the Trolls may be forced to move West, East being blocked by Rivendell

    Dunlendings – hearing of Sarumans re-appearance they travel to the H.D.R to offer their swords

    Tom Bombadil –  gone rogue, always thought there was something dodgy about that fella!

    As for the Watcher unfortunately the Sirannon doesnt connect to the Brandywine, so unless its the rare saltwalter Watcher, or unless it gets a lift off a Fellbeast possibly after after having a word with a passing moth, I don’t see how you could incorporate it, sorry!


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    Avatar photoSane Max

    Barrow-Wight, of COURSE!

    And Evil trees from the old Forest, excellent

    I was thinking Bree could be the loathsome elf-supporting Southern neighbour of the HDR

    i really really want a watcher in the water though. Who says it’s fully aquatic? It has tentacles, so it can bloody well walk.

    Tom Bombadil can get lost, ludicrous Hippy.

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    ahh so the Bree-folk are dirty collaborators, well then there are always elf fearing folk of the Minhiriath(the Tolkien Gateway tells us):

    It is probable that people remained hidden in Eryn Vorn by the Third Age. Although Bree was the westernmost permanent settlement of Men by the late Third Age, the woods of Minhiriath were home of a few, secretive hunter-folk at the time of the War of the Ring. These wild people were afraid to cross the river Baranduin because of the Elves who dwelt beyond

    As for the Watcher, thinking about, it can’t have gotten that big on a few pond fish, it must have swum up the river from the sea originally, although your non-aquatic theory is borne out by GW’s mini version which appears to have legs when looked at closely!

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Considering how many of the monstrous creatures mentioned in the legendarium are in fact corrupted Maiar that settled into those forms when Arda was young (or offspring thereof, born with similar forms as a matter of course), it seems to me there’s near-infinite scope for coming up with more of them without breaking the established cosmology. After all, Tolkien seems to have intended for there to be many, many more Maiar of varying natures/”personalities” than the ones he actually brought up. You might want to steer clear of coming up with ones that are as powerful as dragons, Balrogs or the Watcher, but I could easily imagine a corrupted Maia (or offspring) that’s like a lesser version of the Watcher – or some other unpleasant-looking aquatic/amphibious form – dwelling somewhere along the Brandywine or its tributaries.

    Avatar photoSane Max

    You might want to steer clear of coming up with ones that are as powerful as dragons, Balrogs or the Watcher

    Good thing about Dragon Rampant – you can only field what you can field, so Bestis Dei. my Teutonic Brotherhood’s Dragon is a Greater Warbeasts, with flight and flaming Breath – 10 points. you want to have a Balrog instead? fine, but if it adds up to more than 10 points, it’s no good. So you can take ANYTHING at all but it’s not going to be overpowered. You want Sauron on the field? well fine, but you will have to expect he is having a bad day and is not going to be smiting with his usual ferocity.

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