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    Avatar photoJust Jack


    0230 Local Time
    9 November 1942
    Near Port Lyautey, French Morocco

    The French forces, feeling their oats after stonewalling Task Force Reisman at ‘Murderville’/’The Meatgrinder’ and defeating several attacks by the 60th Infantry Regiment of the US 9th Infantry Division on ‘The Kasbah,’ and have decided to sally forth with armored forces to counterattack the US invasion beaches!

    Chaos reigns on the US beachhead, in equal parts due to the inherent confusion in conducting an amphibious assault, horrible weather at sea, and seeing their first actual combat. Dazed and confused young men are wandering to and fro while as other sit, listless, with units intermixed and scattered, with ammunition, supplies, and casualties haphazardly strewn about. Major Reisman and his XO, Captain Thigpen, work tirelessly to untangle the mass of men, machines, and gear, sorting it out and directing traffic, looking to get his force organized for optimal combat efficiency. The TF Reisman defensive line, such as it is, is not dug in, and consists of a smattering of inter-mixed infantry squads and weapons simply flung out in a line running roughly north-south on the eastern end of the town of Mehdia.

    Overview, north is up. The edge of Mehdia is just visible at bottom left, while the village of Jalaat is at top right and the village of Bilal is at bottom right. Hill 41 is at left center, Hill 33 is at top center (with an unnamed hill just right of it), Hill 25 is at far right bottom, and here is a citrus orchard at center top. A bend in the river, known as the ‘Wadi Sebou,’ is visible at top left. The US forces are spread from top center to bottom center, while the French have a column in the northeast (top right) and southeast (bottom right).

    The opposing forces, with US at left and French at right.

    The US will start with the forces at top right (two platoons’ worth of infantry, a .30-cal MG, 1 60mm mortar, and a 37mm anti-tank gun -ATG-, commanded by 2nd Lt Olsavsky of 3rd Platoon, Easy Company) on the table.

    Then the US will receive two waves of reinforcements: first, Major Reisman will lead another .30-cal MG, another 37mm ATG, and an M7 Priest into the fight. These will be followed by three M3 Grants under 2nd Lt Searcy.

    The French have two rifle platoons, two MG teams, an 81mm mortar team, three Laffly armored cars, and three R35 light tanks, led by a Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), and a Weapons Platoon Leader, split in two columns.

    The French (top right) push forward as American infantry on Hill 41 (bottom left) and in the orchard (left top) engage them with small arms and machine guns.

    As well as their 60mm mortars.

    But the French mercilessly pound Hill 41 with their own mortars…

    While their infantry and armor press home the attack under withering fire!

    A savior steps forward! But will it be enough?

    I suppose you’ll have to check the blog to find out 😉

    Next up we have Captain Henry leading the second assault on ‘Murderville’ and ‘The Meatgrinder.’ Let’s hope it goes better than the first…


    Avatar photoTony S

    As ever, I love the story that evolves in your battles.  One of my good wargaming friends uses that criteria when trying new rules – “Does it tell a good story?”

    There was certainly plenty of smoke, explosions and rocket trails!

    By the way, as an aside, I seem to notice that you placed your off table forces on a green gridded mat if I’m not mistaken.  Did you use that may for other rules, like Bob Cordery’s Portable Wargames or something?

    Avatar photoJust Jack


    Thanks, and regarding the story, absolutely!  Especially playing solo, not much fun for me otherwise 😉

    Regarding the gridded surface, yes, I played some Napoleonic Portable Wargames on those boards years ago.  I also gridded up a mat (years before that) to play Peter Pig’s Poor Bloody Infantry.


    Avatar photoDeleted User

    It was going so well for the French. The XO column got whittled down pretty well, if not for those bazookas. You continue to have very bad luck with tanks.

    Turns out M1 Bazookas were sent to Tunisia, but no instructions on how to use them.

    The constant theme in your battle report seems to be Army bashing 😀
    Have you thought about putting a Marine company in there? Maybe to support the initial landing and only to get dragged into the campaign.

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Hey man, hope all is well.  Yeah, the French made good progress, but the American mortars did good work that allowed the anti-tank guys to take care of business.   Yeah, bazookas were sent to Tunisia, but not Morocco, I screwed up! 😉

    “The constant theme in your battle report seems to be Army bashing”
    Certainly, it brings me much joy.

    “Have you thought about putting a Marine company in there?”
    Nah.  Aside from the fact the only Marines in the MTO/ETO were OSS and ships’ company, I already have a Marine platoon I’m following on my other blog (Island Hopping).


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