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    just saying hello, and to say we welcome any questions on our vac formed ranges of scenery and buildings for 28mm, 15mm, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35. Do have a look at our website and thanks to Mike for this great site

    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Thanks for posting, hope to see a lot more of your stuff.




    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    I really like your vac-formed islands!

    Never wrestle with a pig. You both get muddy and the pig just likes it.


    Thanks for that! By the way if others new to our products loads of photos painted via links on the website or our Instagram page in particular. Great to see what people have done with the products we really welcome pics to make the white plastic turn into fantastic scenery painted by customers


    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Hi, how thick are the finished islands and escarpments?

    If I paint the underside with magnetic paint will a tiny (2mm x 0.5mm) neodymium magnet stick?


    Thanks for asking. They are 1mm thick. In terms of magnets sorry we donā€™t know if that would work. People do use adhesive magnetic strips sometimes on the trench sets which are also 1mm, Ā but not sure if the magnetic paint then your proposed magnets would work. You could try it out first Ā some plastic, for example a double width of a margarine tub which is polystyrene.


    do come back and let us know, or if you have any other questions, thanks again

    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Thanks for the quick reply. In the Escarpment set photos are the cavalry shown 3mm or 6mm?

    Norm SNorm S

    I picked up two of your hill pieces yesterday at a show. Nicely done, good thick plastic as well.


    ThomastonĀ , The smaller figures are 6mm Ā and we believe the bigger figures are 20-28mm. and thanks norm smith, great to hear



    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Just double checked and they areĀ 6mm Roman cavalry, and 28mm Roman archers. Hereā€™s the link for the customer who let us use his photos may be usefulĀ http://marchingincolour.blogspot.com/2018/02/amera-plastic-mouldings-first-look-and.html

    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Got my order today. Got to say even with the dimensions on the website I was surprised how large these are. Pretty happy with these, plastic looks thick enough that it wouldn’t warp after glue and paint application, but we’ll see. Some things I noticed the larger islands/hills lacked texture on the top surface (bottom image). U108 Planetscape-Escarpment set largest hill has a flat side at the back which limit it’s use to edge terrain.

    Some photos form my order, 6mm minis and some 3mm trees for scale.

    Tired is enough.


    Glad to see Amera come by!


    Thank you!


    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Thanks for the feedback & have fun with them

    Jane from www.amera.co.uk


    Launched today a 1/56 28mm Nissen Hut as requested by customers!Ā Ideal for airfields, camps, dioramas and wargaming. 28mm figure to show scale-not included. Complements items in other ranges and adds a 28 mm scale option to our other Nissen Huts Ā£4.99
    Dimensions: L19cm x W9.5cm x H5.5cm

    Amera1=56 Nissen Hut


    Jane from www.amera.co.uk

    Norm SNorm S

    Very nice. These products use a heavy plastic, giving them a feeling of substance.

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