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    Chris Pringle

    Hello fellow TWWers. I have just joined TWW because I heard it was a congenial place for us wargamers to congregate. I thought I should post a brief note to introduce myself.

    I am the author of the “Bloody Big BATTLES!” rules (BBB). There are plenty of fine rulesets out there, and I’m sure you all have your favourites already. But depending on your interests, you might want to take a look at BBB as well.

    BBB is designed for fighting the biggest, bloodiest battles of the 19th century, in their entirety, in a manageable way – a typical game suits 4 players, fits on a 6’x4′ table, and can be finished in under 4 hours. There are about 60 historical scenarios available now, including a number of small ‘training’ scenarios which are ideal for 2 players with just a couple of hours to play.

    BBB has got consistently good reviews and is gathering an enthusiastic following as word gets round and people get a chance to try it. If you want to learn more, you can find a lot of reviews via the BBBBlog: http://bloodybigbattles.blogspot.co.uk

    And you can talk with other BBB players on the BBB Yahoo group: https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BBB_wargames/info

    And of course I’m always happy to answer questions about the game!




    Guy Farrish

    Hi Chris, good to have you here!

    I bought your Warring Empires some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the games I played with them. To any one else out there thinking of looking at Chris’s rules I can recommend his approach and the playability of his rules that give a great feel for the period.

    I haven’t revisited large scale battles in the nineteenth century for a while but I think BBB will inspire me to return.

    Hope you enjoy TWW Chris, it’s a good place. Hope BBB continues to do well and you continue to inspire gamers with your rules and ideas.

    Best wishes


    Steve Johnson

    I can highly recommend BBB Guy. Very easy to get to grips with the core mechanics of the rules, which give great, closely fought games.

    Chris Pringle

    Hi Guy, Steve,

    Thanks very much for the kind words, chaps! It’s always better to hear about rules being endorsed by the players rather than just plugged by the author.

    Guy, I’m glad you liked WE. WE was fun, but BBB is much more fully formed, with the benefit of a few more years of gaming and rules design under the belt and a very clear goal. It’s where I want to be now.

    Quote of the day yesterday as far as I’m concerned was this one from the Baccus forum:

    “I have found Bloody Big Battles to be my rules of choice for the FPW […] I have had some of the most enjoyable games in 50 years of wargaming with these rules.”



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