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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I have been pondering doing a proper diorama of late.

    I like to make little set pieces of my models, but they are all fully functional wargames terrain.
    I want to make a folly, something that is too delicate/precious to risk on the wargames table.
    Most definitely something that is a one off scratch built piece, not available for sale.

    But what?
    I want to keep it smaller than a sheet of A4 paper in terms of its footprint I know that much.
    It also has to be a show stopper.
    Something that dispels the myth that 6mm is not detailed.
    Something that people are properly impressed by.

    Any suggestions good people?

    Avatar photoPaul

    What about a Sci FI market scene: stalls, junk dealers, etc. Mad Max’s Bartertown meets Mos Espa. That would give you a good chance of installing some small, fiddly bits, and showing what everyday life is like in your game world.

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    Avatar photoShandy

    Or a complicated spaceship interior, with lighting and and shuttle or fighter craft about to leave the hangar…

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    You are Mad !!!!

    Avatar photoAltius

    I don’t know how big you want to make this, but it would be a great opportunity to showcase your products. Looking at your stuff with that in mind, I’m thinking maybe a big ghetto made with Junker and Badland terrain, with RDF troops patrolling, searching for rebels.

    When I was a kid, my dad took me to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, and there was a gigantic diorama of the D-Day landing made with those Airfix 1/72 scale plastic soldiers. What I noticed was that it wasn’t just one single scene, but rather a lot of little scenes all put together, if you know what I mean. In one little spot, you could see troops escorting prisoners, in another spot, wounded men were being tended to, in another spot was vicious battle and so on. All of those little scenes held your attention, and I think that is the secret to having a big diorama. In 6mm, you certainly have an opportunity to put a lot of activity into whatever you decide to depict.

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    Avatar photoFredd Bloggs

    Interior hanger bay of a ship/base could be good, think the ice hangers on Hoth from Empire.

    Cities are easy, hell I built Troy in 6 Months….

    Fitting in with your Junkers etc, perhaps a mine working section with all the industrial bits?

    Avatar photoEarther

    I once saw an epic diorama at GW Manchester that was based on a 6″ square. It showed a titan pushing it’s way through a ruined skyscraper, with spez murrins swarming all over it, the rubble, the buildings exposed floors. I’m sure there were APCs and dreadnoughts in there too.

    I liked the vertical nature of it. It was pretty impressive!


    So, don’t do that. It’s been done. OMG, get yer own idea AB! 


    An RDF assault on part of a junkers compound or a BPI installation might be pretty cool?

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