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    Just Jack


    I need some help regarding Spearhead, please. I do not own Spearhead, but I’m interested in gaming higher echelon fights in the Western Desert so I picked up the scenario book “Blaze Across the Sands,” which is built for use with the Spearhead rules. The problem I’m running to is Orders of Battle for the various scenarios.

    I know this is a long shot, but here we go. I understand Spearhead uses 1 stand=1 platoon, but the scenario OOBs almost never spell out what stands a unit has. Instead, the scenario references a Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E). For example, I’ve got:

    -German Kampfgruppe Marcks, Rifle Regiment 155, 1st and 2nd Battalions, see TO&E ’41-’42 Motor Division.

    -Italian 66th Motorized Infantry Regiment, see TO&E ’41-’42 Motor Division, use complete regiment.

    -British 150th Infantry Brigade, see TO&E ’41-’43 Infantry Division, use complete brigade.

    I don’t want to buy the Spearhead rules just to get the TO&Es, so are there any other options? Are the TO&Es available anywhere else, perhaps online?

    Is anyone out there familiar with Spearhead and KISS Rommel? There are TO&Es in KISS Rommel (they are 1 stand=1 company, but I’m okay with that); given what you know of Spearhead, would those work?*

    *For those that think the question is elementary, I’m trying to figure out if company stands would unbalance the game, or if there would be any special considerations to take into account. For example, how are heavy weapons are handled? Does Spearhead have separate stands for various heavy weapons (i.e., breaking Schwere Kompanies into a machine gun stand, a mortar stand, and a field gun stand, or is it aggregated somewhere else, maybe with the infantry stands, or some capability given to HQ stands, etc?), or is it handled some other way? It’s hard to correctly phrase questions when you don’t know what you don’t know about a set of rules, so I beg your patience.

    I thank you in advance for any assistance you might provide. I’m ready to make a Christmas purchase for North Africa, I just need to figure out everything I need to play these fights out.



    Hi Jack,

    Ger 1941-2 Motorized Bn (suggested morale/training – half veterans, half regulars):

    HQ: 1xHQ stand in staff car/truck

    3 x Inf Coys of 3 x Rifle stands in trucks

    1 x MG Coy of 2 x HMG stands in trucks,1 x 81mm Mortar stand in truck

    1 x AT Coy of 3 x Pak-35s with trucks


    Italian Motorized Infantry Regt (typical morale – all regulars)

    Regt HQ Coy: 1 x HQ stand in staff car/truck + Recon element: 1 x SMG m/c stand

    2 x Inf Bns, each of:

    Bn HQ: 1 x HQ stand in staff car/truck

    3 x Inf Coys each of 3 x Rifle stands in trucks

    1 x AT Coy of 2 x 47/32 AT Guns with trucks

    and 1 x Heavy Wpn Bn:

    Bn HQ: 1 x HQ stand in staff car/truck

    1 x AA Coy: 2 x 20/65 AA guns with trucks

    1 x AT Coy: 2 x 47/32 AT Guns with trucks

    1 x Mortar Coy: 2 x 81mm mortars with trucks

    1 x MG Coy: 2 x HMG stands with trucks


    British Inf Bde (typical morale – all regulars):

    Bde HQ: 1 x HQ stand in staff car/truck, 1 x Rifle stand in 15cwt truck

    3 x Lorried Inf Bns, each of:

    Bn HQ: 1 x HQ stand in staff car/truck

    1 x Sp Coy of 1 x 2pdr AT Gun with 15cwt truck or portee

    1 x 3″ mortar stand with 15cwt truck

    1 x Engr stand (rifles) with 15cwt truck

    1 x Carrier Pl in Universal carrier

    4 x Rifle Coys, each of 3 x Rifle stands

    (Provide trucks if you need them)

    From 1942 onwards, you can upgrade to 6lb AT guns


    All the best




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    You could just buy Frank Chadwicks “Benghazi Handicap” which has voluminous OBs for North Africa, at one stand per platoon.

    The organisations in KISS Rommel are battalions, not companies.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Just Jack

    Whirlwind – Wow, thanks a bunch, I really appreciate you taking the time to post those.  I owe ya!

    Martin – Ah, of course!  I just sold Benghazi Handicap a couple months ago, and you’re absolutely right about KISS using battalion rather than company stands.

    Thanks again, Whirlwind!




    No worries, you’re welcome.


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