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    Angel BarracksAngel Barracks

    I was just browsing FB and saw some Middle Eastern Adobe type buildings that caught my eye.
    On closer inspection I went off them as they were very neat and precise.
    They looked too neat and square, a bit like boxes with domes and perfectly rectangular beams sticking out.

    It felt a bit too architect model (sorry DE) and not enough lived in imperfect rough and ready house.

    I also know of some 6mm buildings that are very correct and nicely square and neat and tidy.
    I know of some 6mm that are a bit wonky and not quite straight, they look less real I if truth be told, but I think I prefer them.

    What about you people, what are your preferences?

    Norm SNorm S

    I prefer things to look a bit rustic or weathered and worn. I often put a dirty wash on anything I buy painted or secondhand, just to calm it down!


    Is the question about adobe-type buildings specifically, or all wargames model buildings in general? There are settings and milieus where I like neatness and precision in the architecture, but for anything archaic, such as pre-modern adobe-type buildings, I like it rustic. I might, however, stay away from extremely tumbledown-looking buildings if I think I’m going to need more of the same style (to make a village, for instance) and would have difficulty finding another manufacturer that makes something so unique. It’s about aesthetic coherency.


    Back when I was a kid I liked everything clean, precise and symetrical. Now that I’ve seen a lot more of the world I apreciate the beauty in chaos and ruins. I prefer everything with some kind of flaw, there’s character and a story in there somewhere.

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    It felt a bit too architect model (sorry DE) and not enough lived in imperfect rough and ready house.

      No worries dude!  Now, here’s where I have divergent preferences:

    Professionally (all architecty!) I prefer a model that a client is going to see or display to be as clean, precise and accurate as possible.  That’s mostly because it’s what they expect to see and seems to impress people for some reason.

    Tabletop, I want my world to feel lived in.  Buildings need weathering, streets and need stains and wear, and vegetation needs variation and some deadfall.  I don’t mind buildings being a little off if it helps them feel more “real”  What I cannot stand is when every building is the same size and shape.  Even if doors and windows are located differently it will still be too uniform, and my experience and my eye will compare that to how real towns and cities develop and find it unacceptable.  Even a block of modern glass faced office buildings has a lot of variation.  This also goes back to the conversations in the sub-forums here about building scale/sizes, etc.

    So, you wont ind my table stuffed with buildings of the same style or repetitious castings.  I can’t abide!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I still think Star Wars models did the best job of giving us that lived in look.  I prefer a little crumbily for my models as well.  When I was painting plasticville buildings it took me hours to weather and distress everything.  I think Crom’s Anvil buildings have a nice rustic quality.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    When I was painting plasticville buildings it took me hours to weather and distress everything.

      Ain’t that the truth!  I set aside a few of them to await texturing so I can get a decent weathering onto them.  I’ve found some of the much more expensive model train buildings to be way better, and easier to weather.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I guess I prefer a lived in imperfect look for desert style, but i’ll choose pre-painted every time.  I like your stuff better but the Battlefront stuff is pre-painted so I have Battlefront.



    A quick ink wash around the windows and doors usually goes pretty far.


    I like my buildings worn and weathered, but I don’t always have time to give them the “feel” that I like.

    One of the most enjoyable models that I ever worked on at work was for an accident reconstruction in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia, about 30 years ago.  A 24 foot long model in 1/24 scale. It was a rare project, where I was allowed to do a lot of detailing, so it had hand painted billboards, lots of weathering and aging, lots of graffiti, some old rusted cars, etc.  A total blast to build.

    Sadly, I find that often, by the time I’m ready to start that type of detailing on my one stuff, that I need to wrap it up, due to time constraints.

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    My building skills are so rough that everything I build looks like it’s been abused by several generations. So I guess I’m in the ‘lived in’ camp.

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