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    HMGS-PSW is hosting Miniwars 2017 at the Titan Student Union on the Cal State Fullerton Campus September 30th-October 1st. Tickets for the event may be purchased here
    We have an agreement with the Marriott located on campus. Rooms can be reserved here;
    Here is a current listing of the events;
    Saturday September 30th Day
    Operation Market Garden
    GM – RJ Galati & St Crispin irregulars
    Rules – Fire & Maneuver
    Scale – 28mm
    Hours – 9am – Close
    Players – 16
    Description : The largest airborne assault in history attempted to seize bridges into Germany and end the war by Christmas. Use your knowledge of history to change the outcome?
    FOW Post ’45 vs Russia
    GM – Michael Verity
    Rules – Flames of War
    Scale: 20mm
    Hours – 9am to 5pm
    Players – 8 – 10
    Description – Russo-American “technology grasping” scenario. Basic plan or scenario has five “area zones” of German technological research, each with the latest modeled German late war drawing board stuff, their technical staff running about, and some diehard Nazis teams to mess up the works. Americans and Russians enter the table from several points of entry, seek out the “technical stuff, or better, the technical staff teams, and quickly exit the board with their loot or captives, then return for more. The Nazis teams of course with aim for their German “traitors” and there will be conflict as to which side grasp what or “desires” what the other side is trying to escape with, and “push the gun barrel” and “loud shooting” which could lead to a shooting misunderstanding. They of course will call in their supports if threatened…

    King of the Dead
    GM – Don Hawthorne
    Rules – Of Gods & Mortals
    Scale: 28mm
    Hours – 10 am – 2pm
    Players – 4-6
    Description – A War of the Gods has erupted on Earth, and in the Underworld, the hordes of Anubis face the legions of Hades for mastery throne of the Land of the Dead. Mighty artifacts litter the battlefield; will they bestow power or destruction? Come and command legendary heroes and monsters of myth in this first of a series of campaigns to be played out at HMGS-PSW events. All materials provided, or feel free to bring your own armies for Osprey Games’ “Of Gods and Mortals”! Easy, fast-playing rules taught.
    NOTE: All miniature figures and models used in all HMGS-PSW events must be fully painted, bases flocked or otherwise detailed, subject to the discretion of the host/referee.
    Seven Years War – Battle of Minden
    GM – Tim Greene
    Rules – Osprey Honours of War
    Scale: 28mm
    Hours Noon – 6
    Players – up to 8
    Description – After Ferdinand’s defeat at Bergen the French launched an offensive and rapidly overran Hessen. It was not until Minden had fallen and the French were poised to invade Hanover that Ferdinand was able to gather a sufficient force to oppose them. Contades, who was under pressure from Versailles to do something, advanced from his positions around Minden to attack the Allied Left. Unfortunately for his plans the Allied army was marching to the attack at the same time.

    The Battle of Aspern Essling
    GM – Dana Hohn and Mark Gunson
    Rules – Black Powder
    Scale: 28mm
    Hours – Noon to 6pm
    Players – 8
    Description – Re-fight Napoleon’ attempt to force a crossing of the Danube. It was the Emperor’s first personal defeat in ten years; can you match the Austrians’ feat, or do better as the French and their allies? Over 2000 painted miniatures will be provided to present a sprawling, spectacular battle!
    Hoplite Battles
    GM – Dave Glick
    Rules – Spear, Sarissa, and Sword
    Scale: 28mm
    Hours – Throughout the Day
    Players – 2 at a time
    Description – There will be ten hoplite units on each side, representing 10,000 men per side. The goal is to drive your opponent from the field in a great clash of arms.
    Crimson Skies
    GM – Chris Lundgren
    Rules – Crimson Skies Whiz Kids Version
    Hours – 2pm -4pm
    Players – 2 – 4
    Description : Crimson Skies is an action-packed pre painted miniatures game of aerial dogfights . In the world of Crimson Skies, the United States was shattered in 1930 under the crushing weight of the Great Depression. By 1937, nearly 20 separate countries feud where once stood a great nation.
    Here is a set of the rules in PDF form.
    Escape from Colditz
    GM – Don Hawthorne
    Hours – 4pm to 8pm
    Players – 2 – 6
    Description – Demo sessions of Osprey’s re-issue of the classic game of escape from the Nazi prison, Colditz. This all-new edition of the classic Gibson Games title captures all the excitement and danger faced by the inmates who attempted to escape the formidable castle… and sometimes succeeded! Work together as long as you can, but remember: Once outside the wire, you are on your own! Rules taught.
    Saturday September 30th Evening
    War at Sea WW2 Naval Miniatures
    GM – Chris Lundgren
    Rules – War at Sea
    Hours 6pm – 10pm
    Players – Up to 6
    Description – Wage War Upon the Waves!
    With authentically detailed miniatures assemble fleets of the finest vessels to ever do battle on, under, or above the sea in World War II. Fast-paced and action-packed, this exciting, miniatures game lets players recreate historical battles or go head-to-head in competitive warfare raging across massive 30″x40″ battle map.
    Authentically detailed carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft and other vessels from WWII .
    Unique ships—such as the BB Bismarck, IJN Yamato, and the USS Enterprise—feature their distinctive markings and camouflage.
    Abilities and statistics of units are based on their historical performances in battle.
    Board Gaming Saturday
    GM – David Selby
    Tables Needed – 5 x 8
    Hours – 9am – 5pm
    Players – Up to 8
    Description – After the cold war, boom years and the great recession, new superpowers emerge to contest the old.
    In Supremacy 2020, superpowers battle for global supremacy in a tense yet simple game of nuclear brinksmanship.
    To win, you’ll need a delicate balance of diplomacy, economic and military strength. You must form alliances, negotiate, threaten and bluff. Many strategies can lead to victory – but only one superpower will achieve supremacy.

    This redesign of the classic cold war game Supremacy has an updated map and currency for the 21st century, along with corrected and streamlined rules to make the game faster, simpler and more intense.
    Open Board Gaming – Games and plenty of tables or bring your own.
    Sunday October 1st Day
    GM – Jim Murphy
    Rules – Frostgrave
    Tables Needed – 5×6
    Hours – 10am – 2pm
    Players – 4-6
    Description – The frozen, riches-strewn ruins of Felstadt await! Bring your Warband to fight for gold, glory and grimoires, potent weapons and potent potables… and gold! Informal contest to be held for most original/interesting/unique or just plain cool-concept Warband! Gaming tools provided, but players must bring their own figures.
    NOTE: All miniature figures and models used in all HMGS-PSW events must be fully painted, bases flocked or otherwise detailed, subject to the discretion of the host/referee.
    Nijmegan Airlanding
    GM – Steve Phenow
    Rules – Gepanzerte Faust
    Table Size – 5′ x 12′
    Hours – 9am – close
    Players – 8-10
    Description – With the road to the Nijmegen bridge still in German hands, allied troops of XXX-corps together with troops from the 82nd US Airborne Division started their offensive to gain control of the bridge. The bridge approach was defended by German troops in a strong defensive perimeter with tanks with 88mm guns, AA 20mm guns and SS infantry. On 20 September 1944 in the morning British gliders were dropped East of the Nijmegen Road to clear the woods of defenders while American airborne troops attacked the bridge. Tanks of the Guards Armored Division will advance up the road once the woods were clear to support the paratroopers crossing of the Waal river by engaging the defending German troops and seizing the Bridge

    Battle of Saalfeld
    GM – Michael Verity
    Rules -Homebrew
    Scale: 28mm
    Hours – 9am – ??
    Players – 4-6
    Description – The Battle of Saalfeld 1806. Marshal Lannes and his French advance guard vs. Prince
    Louis Ferdinand of Prussia commanding the Prussian advanced guard before Jena. Straight forward 28mm napoleonic scenario using our seasoned group (HBrew) rules. Smaller scale battle for the early Imperial years to give tactical flavor for the Franco-Prussian 1806 conflict.

    Italian Wars

    GM – Adam Hammer & Andrew Gledhill
    Rules – Pike & Shotte
    Scale – 28mm
    Hours – 11-3
    Players – 8-10
    Description – The Imperial town of Il Secondo is under siege by the French, but it still receives supplies through the small harbor at Bella Spiaggia.
    A strong French force led by the finest cavalry in Europe and massed Swiss pikemen have been sent to cut off supplies and seize the harbor, which is protected by an Imperial force of Irish mercenaries.
    As the French appear, an Imperial counter-attack emerges from the town. Landsknecht pikes, German Men at Arms and Reiters, and Albanian Stradiots follow the Imperial banner. Will the French turn to face them or head for the harbor they have to capture?
    Dust in the distance suggests both sides have large numbers of reinforcements, infantry and cavalry, on the way. Will they arrive in time to carry the day?

    Wings of Glory
    GM – Chris Lundgren
    Rules – Wings of Glory
    Table size – (3) 6′ x 8′
    Hours – Throughout the day
    Players – ??
    Description – We will be running official Wings of Glory Aerodrome supported scenario.
    King Kong vs Bi-Planes on one table( It is an official playtest which we are running month twice a month at the Guild House in Bellflower on the 4th Sunday of every month. And at Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove on the 3rd Sunday)
    The second Table is WW1 Wings of Glory gaming.
    The third table will be for the new “Battle of Britain” Wings of Glory product game and demo.
    Memoir 44
    GM – Mark Hom
    Hours – 10am – 2pm
    Players – 2-8
    Description – D-Day Breakout

    Open Board Gaming
    GM – Mark Hom
    Hours – open
    Players – 40+
    Description – A variety of board games will be available


    Tournaments are as follows, the Bolt Action Tournament has a $10 USD buy in;
    Tournaments Saturday
    Bolt Action
    GM – Jay Casper
    Rules – Bolt Action see below
    Hours – 9am to 6pm
    Players – up to 40
    Description – see below
    Tournament Schedule
    0900-0930 enrollment/in brief
    0930-1200 Game 1
    1200-1300 Lunch Break
    1300-1530 Game 2
    1530-1800 Game 3
    1800 Award Ceremony
    Tournament Rules
    1. FORCES
    Players must use a 1000 requisition points force.
    The force must consist of a maximum of two Reinforced Platoons and No more than 18 order dice. No tank Platoons. NO Special Characters
    The platoons in the force must be selected using the army list section of the main rule book or one of the Armies of xxxx books, no theatre books. With the exception of Chinese List.
    Turret jam will only happen on a D6 roll of a 1 instead of 1,2, or 3.
    3. GAME TIME
    3, 2hr30min Rounds, the players must finish the current turn, and then the game ends automatically.
    4. ARMY LIST
    The players must have 4 copies of their army list, Army list are due 25 September 16. 1 bonus TP for early list submissions.
    Victory is calculated as described in the Scenarios being played and Tournament points are awarded for victories, defeats and draws as shown below:
    Result Tournament Points
    Victory 3 TP
    Draw 1 PT
    Loss 0 TP
    In addition, players must also record how many requisition points of enemy units they destroy during their games. These destroyed enemies’ points (let’s call them ‘Casualty points’) are always added together in a running total and are used as a tiebreaker to pair players that are on the same level of Tournament points.
    From the second round, players will be paired using a Swiss system (i.e. matching players on the same number of TPs, in descending order).
    In case of more than two players on the same number of TPs, players will be matched in descending ‘Casualty points’ total.

    The winner is determined at the end of the last round, according to the following criteria:
    • The player with the most TP will be the winner.
    • In case of same TP at the top, the winner will be the player with the highest Casualty points total.
    • Sportsmanship, Painting, and theme will also factor in to over score.
    For rules or any questions email Jay Casper at [email protected]
    Flames of War
    GM – Tim Knapp
    Rules – FOW
    Tables Needed –
    Hours –
    Players –
    Description – Details forthcoming
    DBA Tournament
    GM – Harry Duddrow
    Tables Needed –
    Hours –
    Players –
    Description – Details forthcoming
    Sunday Tournaments
    Team Yankee – This has been designated the regional tournament for this area.
    GM Troy Hill
    Rules – FOW Team Yankee
    Hours – All Day
    Players – Up to 16
    Description – Sunday, October 1: Sponsored by Brookhurst Hobbies
    The year is 1983 and the Cold War has gone HOT! NATO forces scramble to overcome the advancing armies of the Warsaw Pact.
    Event check in begins at 9:00 am. First Round begins at 10 am. Three rounds of 2.5 hours each, with a 45-minute lunch break. The year is 1983 and the Cold War has gone HOT! Players should bring a legal force of not more than 75 points from any of the appropriate Army Books for Team Yankee. Swiss Pairings, Red vs Blue for rounds 1 & 2. Wins and victory points determine match-ups. Prizes and plaques for 1st to 3rd, Best Sport and Best General. Army lists need to be emailed to [email protected] no later than 1 week prior to event.
    Event Link on the Team Yankee Forum Please sign up there link
    You must be a registered member of the forum to access the event listing.
    You must still purchase admission to the convention.

    This will include demo games as well as a tournament. This may just be demo games rather than a tourney.
    GM – Nathan Carter
    Rules – X-Wing Core Set plus Fantasy Flights “nerfs” available online.
    Hours – All Day
    Players – ????

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